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What Is The Work In GDS BPM, MD, MC, Packer | Salaries Of BPM


What Is The Work In GDS BPM, MD, MC, Packer | Salaries Of BPM


What Is The Work In GDS BPM, MD, MC, Packer | Salaries Of BPM, MD

What Is The Work In GDS BPM, MD, MC, Packer | Salaries Of BPM, MD

Here I will tell in a single paragraph about all jobs. BPM is branch postmaster who will handle the post office works and this job suitable for girls and boys but I suggest all girls do select the only bpm. And coming to What is work of MD? MD is mail delivery Man is nothing But a Postman who will deliver mails. Now, What is Work of MC? Mc is mail carrier who will deliver mail bags to Branch offices.What is Work of the Packer? Packer is who will unpack or pack mails.

Job selection guidance BPM/MD/MC/PACKER

For girls, I will suggest to Do give first option for BPM and later Packer than the carrier. But I don’t suggest to select Md. And coming to boys they can be suitable for any jobs so go ahead apply.

Cut off Score/Marks for GDS BPM/MC/MD/PACKER

For BPM, Packer, MC if you have more than 90% you have more chance to get job or yo will get the job I may not give you 100% because if so many merit candidates applied for the same regions then you will get a job easily. Here luck will also play a big role in getting a g job. But I hope who have more than 90% except in Hindi will get a job for sure and luck will also play a big role.


Now salaries of GDS employees are very low like in between 7k to maximum 10k. GDS committee report suggested to increase the minimum salary of GDS employees to 10k so u will get minimum 10k  when u join in the job. And the government is going to provide all facilities that a central government employee getting and this job come under non-departmental job and you can write departmental promotion exam after 2 years of service.

Edit Option in GDS Online Application

There is no way to edit application so while applying don’t make any mistakes. if you make any major mistakes then you may loose your job. So I suggest you check everything before going to submit an application. if you want to change type of job working location it is not possible so select job before going to apply.

Do We need Upload Computer Certificate

No need you can submit computer certificate at the time of certificate verification. we must need to upload SSC marks memo and photograph and signature if you belongs to sc/st/obc upload your community certificate.

What is certificate Number in GDS online Application

Certificate number is printed on marks memo you can find it on left side. so Don’t be confuse and enter hall ticket number.

Gramin Dak Sevak branch postmaster has the following duties

GDS BPM is Gramin Dal Sevak Branch Post Master. In post offices in each district, there are so many gram panchayats. In every gram panchayat, there is one branch post office. Sometimes 2 or 3 branch post offices within a gram panchayat. The GDS BPM is the head of the branch post office. At single handed Branch Offices there is only one BPM. But at double and triple-handed BOs there are mail deliverers and carriers also posted. At single handed BOs BPM has to deliver the mails and letters.


Gramin dak sevak branch postmaster has the following duties associated with him/her.

1 . As the branch postmaster is responsible for the development of post office in his/her particular village, he needs to open RPLI, RD, SB accounts for the successful functioning of the branch office.

2.The BPM should make transactions regarding RD, SB, RPLI, NREGS payments etc daily, and should enter the transactions in ledger.

3.The BPM should book register posts, speed posts, MOs, parcels etc on daily basis.

4.The BPM should prepare a bag which contains all transaction slips(RD, SB, RPLI etc) for the transactions done on that day, booked registered letters, parcels etc and the summary report of all the transactions for that particular day.

5 .The BPM should close the bag with post-office seal and should send it to the sub post office through mail carrier.

6.Coming to letters part, The BPM will receive a bag in the morning which contains letters which are to be delivered in the area allocated (generally each village will have one branch) for that branch. The letters will be handed over to branch post man and he will deliver the letters. The post man will report the delivery particulars to the BPM and the same should be intimated to sub office by the BPM.

7.Sometimes The BPMs are given targets regarding RPLI, RD etc, which he/she should achieve by convincing the villagers.

8.At present the work at BO is being done manually But, a hand held device is going replace all the manual work soon.

What is Work of GDS MD

Gramin Dak Sevak mail deliverer is a post lying at Branch Offices of Department of Posts. A mail deliverer as the name says delivers the mails, letters, and parcels to the people of the village. The BOs ie Branch Offices may be single, double and triple-handed. At single handed Bos one Branch postmaster is there who does the work of mail delivered. At double handed offices there are two people one is BPM and other is GDS MC/MD; the one who carries the mail from nearby bus stand or sub-office and then delivers too. At triple handed BOs there are three people and each for separate work ie BPM for account related work, GDS MC for mail carrier and GDS MD for mail delivery.

It depends upon the population of the village. If one goes on leave the other will be given a dual charge or sometimes may be posted to nearby branch offices at the time of shortage of staff.

GDS State Wise Jobs  List

1Andhra Pradesh1126
8Himachal Pradesh391
13Madhya Pradesh1859
15North Eastern0
21Uttar Pradesh0
23West Bengal0


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