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Tumhari Sulu movie review: ‘Hello’, you don’t wanna miss RJ Vidya Balan’s show!

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Tumhari Sulu movie review: ‘Hello’, you don’t wanna miss RJ Vidya Balan’s show!


Tumhari Sulu by Suresh Triveni is the perfect take on how middle-class households function. We are zoomed into a little, happy family of Sulochana aka Vidya Balan, Ashok Dubey, played by Manav Kaul and their little kid Pranav (Abhishek Sharma).

The screenplay runs into how Sulochana or Sulu ( as Ashok calls her fondly) is a happy-go-lucky person who wants to try out different things and somewhere in her heart knows that she can achieve anything.

Sulu’s father and twin sisters do not see very highly of her. Reason? Well, she flunked her class 12 thrice and doesn’t work whereas the ‘Kyu didi, Haan didi’ twins have a ‘respectable’ bank jobs to flaunt.

So you get to see a very relatable middle-class banter which revolves around how useless you are Sulu to what kind of a job is this? Thankfully, Sulu and her hubby have a life of their own and take everything in a light manner and that is the best part of this story.

To make the audience watch and connect with characters which can make you learn a few notches of how to lead a happy, healthy marital life. But, like in real life, Sulu too finds her share of drama and turmoil.

After winning a pressure cooker in a radio contest, she lands herself a job of a radio jockey. Hello! Yes, in that seductive voice Vidya Balan packs a powerful punch. Neha Dhupia plays the perfect boss lady of a radio station and we go WOW! Her costumes and acting tick all the right boxes.

Popular RJ Malishka Mendonsa makes her B-Town debut in this one by playing herself. Ah! How many actors get to play themselves in their first film—you are lucky RJ Albeli (she plays that in the movie).

The plot becomes gripping when Sulu’s son Pranav who is 11-year-old is suspended from the school. The film also throws light on a very important aspect which touches upon the fact how instrumental good parenting can be in forming a child’s personality.

Manav Kaul as Ashok has got a fair deal of screen space with Vidya and the kind of act he presents is laudable. The tension in his own job and how the jealousy crawls in a relationship when it is the woman who is working has been brilliantly played out.

Saurabh Goswami camera keeps the tonality in syn with the basic taste of this light-hearted, slice-of-life film. We like how the filmmaker has kept everything understated, simple yet magical. The only issue happens to be the pace of the first half. You would want to jump a little and straight away skid to the second part.

We say, do watch Tumhari Sulu, because Vidya’s ‘Hello’ is definitely worth a watch!

(RATINGS: 3/5 Stars)

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