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Top 100 Best Free Online Learning Websites | Best Online Learning Sites


Top 100 Best Free Online Learning Websites | Best Online Learning Sites


Top 100 Best Free Online Learning Websites With more internet penetration in the world, there is a rising demand for online courses. The multitude of online learning sites in World Wide Web claims to teach anything under the sun. Let’s have a look at some really amazing sites providing some wonderful online courses. We have categorized them into respective heads for your ease:

Top 100 Best Free Online Learning Websites

Top 100 Best Free Online Learning Websites | Best Online Learning Sites

Sites providing Courses and E-learning on a large variety of topics:

0) Coursera: This online learning site partnered with top universities provide various online courses in categories like Business, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Humanities, Biology, Medicine, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Life Science, Language learning, Data Science and much more online. You can avail online degrees through Coursera in a large number of topics.
1) Alison: Alison provides 750 free online courses at degree and diploma level. Alison helps you to improve your knowledge in various fields bettering your job prospects through online degrees.
2) Udemy: Udemy is different from Coursera as in Udemy any one can create a course and offer to students for money. It’s not driven by any college course framework. So it gives you a larger variety of online courses.
3) Udacity: It’s an MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) like courseware providing university style courses on a wide variety of topics. The data Science program offered by Udacity is in high demand.
4) Khan Academy: A non profit educational organization created in 2006 provides online courses in a wide variety of topics like Maths, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and humanities etc. They offer courses in the form of YouTube videos.
5) edX: It’s another MOOC offering online courses and classes from World’s best Universities.
6) P2P University: It’s like an open learning community where users can form study groups and learn about specific topics.
7) Springest: This is not exactly a course provider. Instead, this helps you to access a large variety of online courses hosted by different providers.
8) FutureLearn: Another MOOC owned by The Open University in Milton Keynes, England offers a diverse selection of online courses from leading Universities around the world. These can be easily accessed on your desktop, tablet or mobile.
9) Study: Online courses in a wide range of topics like Science, Maths, Psychology, Humanities, English, SAT Preparation and more which are fun and engaging.
10) NPTEL: A joint initiative of IITs and IISc offering online courses and online degrees on various topics.
11) iVersity: Known as the “Coursera of Europe” partnered to European Universities mainly. Similar to Coursera but currently it does not provide any official certifications.
12) EduCBA: Provides online training and video courses on topics like Finance, Mobile Apps, Data Analytics, Project Management and much more.
13) Lynda: Offers thousands of video online courses on Business, Creativity, and Technology. Project Management, Big Data, Photography everything under a single site.
14) Academicearth: Website providing online lessons, videos and courses from Top Universities like Yale, MIT, Stanford and much more.
15) MIT Open Courseware: MIT publishes all its course content through this site. OCW is a regular MIT Activity to encourage distance learning through online courses.
16) Openculture: You can download 1150 online courses from world’s best universities through this site.
17) Open Yale Courses: Video recorded online courses in Yale are available for free and open for all in this site.
18) Hubspot Academy: This site offers online lessons in marketing and specifically on Inbound Marketing.
19) Microsoft Virtual Academy: MVA provides online training to Data Scientists, IT professionals, Developers on topics like Hybrid Cloud Automation, Database Management, Big Data and other advanced analytic Courses.
20) Open2study: This site aims at providing free and quality online education in various categories like Business, Finance, Science and Technology, Marketing and Advertising, Health and much more.
21) Stanford Online: A large collection of free online courses hosted by Stanford University that include statistics, economics, engineering, human rights and much more.
22) Harvard Extension: Open Learning Initiative by Harvard includes a selected collection of video online courses covering a large variety of courses.
23) US Berkeley Class Central: Access free online courses taught by the University of California, Berkeley.
24) Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative: From American English lessons to Probability and Statistics, Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative provide wide options for online learning.
25) Canvas Network: Canvas Network hosts online video-based courses and certified programs from various colleges and Universities.
26) Open UW: This includes the online projects and courses hosted by the online division of the University of Washington.
27) iTunesU Free courses: This free platform gives you access to online courses from top Universities in the world.
28) eCornell: Cornell University certified online courses and programs in marketing, hospitality, human resources and more.
29) Snapdeal: Yes it’s the same Snapdeal. Snapdeal offers online education through its e-commerce portal. You can access a large collection of professional courses and certification at a discounted rate through this section.

Courses provided by these sites are not mentioned specifically as these twenty-nine websites provide online courses and certifications on a large variety of courses. So you guys can check in these sites to learn about literally anything under the sun.

Sites providing online courses in Programming and Web Design

30) Codecademy: An online platform offering coding classes in programming languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby as well as mark-up languages like HTML, CSS.
31) Code: A non profit organization formed to expand the awareness of coding and computer science to women and underrepresented minorities. Another nice to learn lessons of coding.
32) Tutsplus: Courses and eBooks for coding and Web design available in this site. Offers you a 10 day free trial.
33) Groklearning: This site offers coding classes in languages like Python and Logo. It has content both for students as well as professionals.
34) Learncodethehardway: An online site for learning programming languages like Python, Ruby, C, SQL and Regex.
35) Teamtreehouse: Learn Coding through a large number of projects and interaction with experts. Python, CSS, Game development, Ruby, PHP are few of the many courses available.
36) Sitepoint Premium: Learn how to build a web site, web design, JavaScript, CSS and many more in this site.
37) Bloc: Bloc provides intensive web development course for those who want to learn at a faster pace.
38) Skillcrush: Offers online web design and development courses for all irrespective of their background.
39) HTML Dog: Another Web development tutorial website offering courses in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
40) Webmonkey: Complete online learning resource for a Web Developer.
41) CodeHS: Offers online coding lessons for students.
42) MDN: Mozilla Developer Network offers online learning resources for Web Development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from beginner to expert level.
43) General Assembly Offers online lessons and classes in HTML, CSS and web design. They also offer marketing and data analytics courses.
44) Baserails: Learn Ruby and other web technologies through project-based courses in this site. You get an opportunity to learn better through real world projects.
45) Treehouse: Offers beginner to advance level online courses in web design, web development, mobile development, game development and more.
46) Onemonth: Offers one month programs in Programming, Coding and Business.
47) Mrbool: Offers video based online learning courses in Front End,NET, Java, Mobile, Database and more.
48) Hackdesign: Online lessons on web design and mobile apps.
49) HOW Design University: Online lessons and courses in graphic and interactive design. Available in paid as well as free modules.

Sites providing online lessons to learn new languages:

50) Duolingo: A language learning website offering a fun and addictive way to learn new languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch and many more. They provide lessons on 23 different languages.
51) Babbel: Online lessons to learn a number of foreign languages in a very effective way.
52) Busuu: World’s largest social network to learn foreign languages. You can connect with native speakers and learn in a more easy way.
53) Learnalanguage: Free online learning through fun games and interesting lessons.
54) Livemocha: Offers online learning resources to learn 38 languages.
55) Memrise: Provides online courses to learn languages easily using mnemonics. Apart from languages they also provide courses on academic and non-academic subjects.
56) HindiPod101: Site offering Hindi lessons online.


Sites providing online lessons on Hobbies:

57) Petapixel: Site providing online lessons and courses in photography.
58) NYIP: Newyork Institute of Photography helps you to learn photography anywhere at any time. Offers certified courses designed by successful photographers. Professional photographers would review your photos.
59) MentorMob: This site provides online lessons on a wide variety of hobbies and skills. Parenting, Kite boarding, Salsa dancing, and Photography are a few examples.
60) Chesscademy: Want to become masters of the game chess? Here is the site for you. Teaches chess through videos, puzzles and games. All for free.
61) Justin Guitar: Free online guitar lessons provided by Australian guitarist Justin Sandercoe.
62) Rouxbe: This online cooking school offers both general cooking lessons as well as Professional Certification courses in cooking.
63) Drawspace: Want to learn how to draw? Then this is for you. Drawspace offers lessons from beginner to advanced level.
64) Dave Conservatoire: This is an online music school offering online music lessons in the form of videos and practice tests.
65) Skillshare: It’s an online platform where you can get online lessons on a large variety of skills from Business to Music. You can select courses of your interest from the wide catalog based on user reviews.
66) Howcast: This site offers video lessons on various general topics like cooking, lifestyle, entertainment and more.
67) Lightsfilmschool: Customised online courses suiting your requirement to learn the art of filmmaking.
68) Nofilmschool: Learn film making through a large collection of blogs and articles.
69) Filmschoolonline: Online courses in direction, editing, screen writing and many more.

Sites providing online courses on Data Analytics, Finance, and major business areas:

70) Jigsawacademy: Known as the online school of analytics. Aims at teaching everything about Big Data and Data analytics.
71) BigDataUniversity: Paid and free opportunities for online learning to groom yourself into a Data scientist and an expert in Big Data.
72) Dataquest: Provides an interactive online learning environment to learn about various Data analytic tools like Python, R, SQL, Spark, Machine Learning and more.
73) Proschool: “proschoolonline” provides a large number of certification courses like CFP, CFA, CIMA, NSE certified Business Analytics course and many more.
74) AnalyticsVidhya: Offers top certification for Data Analytics topics like SAS, R, Python, Machine Learning or Big Data.
75) Simplilearn: Simplilearn offers a lot of business courses including Big Data and Analytics, Digital Marketing, Finance Management, Business Productivity and many more.
76) CMI: Content Marketing Institute is the hub to access the best of content marketing lessons online.
77) Social Media Quickstarter: Provides online lessons in understanding how to use Social media for obtaining business results through fun videos.
78) Gcflearnfree: A site where you can learn everything about Microsoft Office. It’s a good site to learn Microsoft Excel online.
79) Goskills: Provides business focussed courses online like Microsoft Office, Business Communications, Productivity apps, Adobe Photoshop and more.
80) Excelexposure: Online lessons in Microsoft Excel.

81) Financevarsity: Online learning lessons for CFP certification.

Learn through Podcasts:

82) BBC Podcasts: Learning resources in the form of Podcasts.
83) University of London Podcasts: Free online learning resources in the form of podcasts made available todownload by University of London.
84) University of Oxford Podcasts: Audio and video recordings of lectures available as podcasts.
85) UC San Diego Podcast Lectures: Online learning through audio recordings of lectures made available as podcasts.

Online learning exclusive for students:


86) Extramarks: Online educational website offering study material and tutorials for CBSE, ICSE, NCERT, SAT, TOEFL and many more.
87) U18: Provide online degree courses from India’s biggest universities.

88) Cosmolearning: Free educational website providing online learning for students and teachers.
89) Gotit: An amazing online learning site for students where there are a number of Study experts waiting to help students.
90) Betterexplained: Offers better understanding for various mathematic topics from algebra to calculus for school and college students.
91) Howstuffworks: Thousands of topics explained with video and illustrations helping you to understand things better.
92) Investopedia: Online learning resource for information about personal finance, investing education, trading, financial management and more.
93) Indiabix: Online learning resource for aptitude and logical reasoning for campus placements and competitive exams.
94) Testfunda: Online learning material for a large number of competitive exams like CAT, CMAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, MAT, UPSC, IBPS, SBI BANK PO and many more.
95) WizIQ: Provides online learning experience through mobiles where you can learn from real people.
96) eHow: “how to do” lessons available online for a large collection of topics.
97) Wikiversity: Wikimedia Foundation project offering online learning resources, projects and online courses.

98) TED Ed: Online learning through TED videos.
99) Boundless: Site offering high quality educational online courses and learning content to replace textbooks.

97) Wikiversity: Wikimedia Foundation project offering online learning resources, projects and online courses.
98) TED Ed: Online learning through TED videos.
99) Boundless: Site offering high quality educational online courses and learning content to replace textbooks.

Top 100 Best Free Online Learning Websites | Best Online Learning Sites: This are the best 100 sites which are offering best course in the world If you really Liked this Do share.


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