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Top 10 Indian Restaurants

Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Paris – France


Today we bring to you the ‘Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Paris – France’. Paris is the heart and capital of France while also being the most populated. In Paris tourist can see the beautiful site, such as The Louvre, Notre Dame and of cause The Eiffel Tower. Paris has two international airports. The first being Paris-Charles de Gaulle, which is the second busiest airport in Europe after London Heathrow Airport. while the other is the Paris-Orly. Paris is very well known for it architectural landmarks, such as the Louvre, which was the most visited art museum in the world in 2016, with 7.4 million visitors.

The food and hotel industry actually accounts for about 4.6% of the jobs in Paris. In the south east of Paris there is the wholesale Rungis food market, which specialises in food processing and beverages.

The Food


Paris loves its food, and has been famous for its restaurants and haute cuisine, since the late 18th century. Paris has more than 9,000 restaurants, some of which have been in the same family for generations. The café arrived in Paris around the 17th century, when the beverage was first brought from Turkey.  But when it comes to Indian restaurants you will find all of your favourites dish. Such as Tangri, Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka, dosa , Butter paneer masala, Murg Peshwari and you can’t forget about desert. Kulfi, Gulab jamun, Kheer and many more are all here.

There are high class Indian restaurants in Paris, which would mean you will have be alot of money in your pocket But there are also the high street ones that you can go to every day, where a full meal for two will still only cost you around €30. You will find restaurants in Paris having dishes from North India to the South, suiting everyone’s tastes. You will also find some restaurants mixing the western style dishes with Indians creating a fusion type of dinning experience.



Now for the ‘Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Paris – France’ list

RestaurantNew Jawad Longchamp
People reviewed 481 reviews
Food ServedIndian Pakistani Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options Halal Gluten Free Options
What people have said“Best Butter Chicken EVER!!” 13/04/2018
“I enjoyed the kulfi which was served by...” 29/03/2018
Location / Address30 rue de Longchamp, 75116 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 47 27 24 14
RestaurantMayfair Garden champs elysees
People reviewed 169 reviews
Food ServedIndian Pakistani Halal Vegetarian Friendly
What people have said“... & naan, mixed daal, bhartha and chi...” 23/01/2018
“Delicious Indian food” 27/01/2018
Location / Address26 rue Lauriston | Champs Elysées, 75116 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 43 59 48 36
RestaurantLe jardin du Kashmir
People reviewed 222 reviews
Food ServedIndian Pakistani Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options
What people have said“... curries, butter chicken, etc. Every...” 03/10/2017
“... the cheese naan and chicken curry.” 04/09/2017
Location / Address60 rue Legendre, 75017 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 42 12 94 88
RestaurantNEW JHELUM
People reviewed 371 reviews
Food ServedIndian Pakistani Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options Gluten Free Options
What people have said“Very nice curry” 30/08/2017
“We ordered onion bhaji which was a smal...” 15/10/2017
Location / Address95 rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 45 08 44 60
Restaurantrestaurant buddha
People reviewed 253 reviews
Food ServedIndian Asian Nepalese Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options
What people have said“... dishes, naan and vegetarian samosas.” 09/03/2018
“Good Indian/Nepalese food and friendly...” 21/09/2016
Location / Address13 rue Saint Hippolyte, 75013 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 43 36 34 41
WebsiteThey do not have a web site
RestaurantLe Maharaja
People reviewed 425 reviews
Food ServedIndian Sri Lankan Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options
What people have said“... panneer tikka masala and garlic naa...” 30/06/2017
“The dal makhani was delicious beyond al...” 25/08/2017
Location / Address48 rue la Condamine, 75017 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 42 94 96 72
RestaurantBollynan Grands Boulevards
People reviewed 167 reviews
Food ServedIndian Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options
What people have said“... bit of butter chicken, friendly sta...” 17/10/2017
“The cheese nan is very tasty, but a lit...” 28/08/2017
Location / Address10 boulevard Poissonniere, 75009 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 9 82 25 26 57
RestaurantVilla Punjab Gastronomie Indienne
People reviewed 198 reviews
Food ServedIndian Asian Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options
What people have said“Butter naan and spicy chicken tiki Mars...” 10/03/2018
“Excellent Indian food” 05/06/2017
Location / Address15 rue Leon Jost, 75017 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 6 26 39 40 36
RestaurantNew Balal
People reviewed 215 reviews
Food ServedIndian Pakistani Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options Halal
What people have said“Amazing service !! Best kulfi ever !!” 21/10/2015
“... spicy than Palak Paneer usually is,...” 27/09/2017
Location / Address25 rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 42 46 53 67
WebsiteThey do not have a web site
RestaurantKashmir House
People reviewed 942 reviews
Food ServedIndian Asian Pakistani Vegetarian Friendly Vegan Options Gluten Free Options
What people have said“Great curry!” 28/04/2017
“Starters Samosa's & Onion Bhaji.” 16/02/2017
Location / Address36 rue de Chabrol, 75010 Paris, France
Contact / Phone Number+33 1 40 22 00 89


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