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The Safest Cities for Women in America


The Safest Cities for Women in America

Safest Cities for Women

The ten safest cities are all relatively small cities, with crime scores ranging about 7 points total. On average, the top ten cities scored 90% better than the average city on our list.

RankCityPopulation% WomenWeighted Crime Score
1Naperville, IL142,84051.23.9
2Woodbridge Township, NJ100,61249.78.3
3Glendale, CA194,90251.78.6
4Irvine, CA217,52850.49.1
5Oxnard, CA201,79749.39.6
6Alexandria, VA145,89251.910.4
7Simi Valley, CA126,68651.210.6
8McAllen, TX135,74551.211.3
9Waterbury, CT110,48652.811.5
10Orange, CA139,69249.511.6



Safer Cities for Women Relative to Total Crime

The safest cities for women relative to total crime ended up being significantly larger on average than the most dangerous cities in comparison to total crime.

City Population% WomenWomen’s Safety RankingTotal Crime Ranking
Miami, FL 414,32750.560267
Richmond, VA 207,79952.570255
Hartford, CT 125,20351.985268
Paterson, NJ 147,1485250229
Lafayette, LA 122,85251.435213
Newark, NJ 278,90650.281247
San Francisco, CA 820,36349.344211
Miami Gardens, FL 111,17749.852219
Worcester, MA 183,24752.859221
Fresno, CA 506,01150.628186
Atlanta, GA 437,04150.3125277

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