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Shah Rukh Khan’s fan and cancer patient Aruna PK passes away

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Shah Rukh Khan’s fan and cancer patient Aruna PK passes away


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s fan, Aruna PK, who was battling cancer, has passed away. The actor took to Twitter to offer condolences to her family. According to Aruna’s official blog, she was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer in February 2011.

Shah Rukh Khan's fan and cancer patient Aruna PK passes away, actor offers condolences
Shah Rukh Khan

Here’s what Shah Rukh Khan tweeted:

Shah Rukh Khan had earlier sent a video message to Aruna, who had expressed her desire to meet the actor over social media. Shah Rukh got to know about Aruna’s wish through her children Akshat and Priyanka. He later took to social media to send a message to Aruna through his fan page.

“I’m made to understand through your son Akshat and daughter Priyanka that you are fighting with an illness. I want to say this that me, my whole family, all our friends whoever knows about you, we are praying for your wellness,” Shah Rukh had said in the video.

“You are a very strong lady Aruna, I know your gusto, your will, your happiness that you have shared with your loved ones. I can tell that you have the strength to fight this illness and with our prayers and your strength you will get well very soon. I just want to say that your children Akshat and Priyanka love you… they are really hoping you get well soon and I know their prayers will be answered,” Shah Rukh had said in the video.

Watch video:

Talking about Aruna’s wish, Shah Rukh Khan had said, “You are in a state where meeting you is perhaps not a possibility. I know this for a fact, with the positivity that you carry around that you will get well soon and we will meet very soon.”

Shah Rukh Khan had also expressed his desire to have a telephonic conversation with Aruna after doctor’s permissions.

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