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Sexual exploitation not confined to film industry: Irrfan Khan

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Sexual exploitation not confined to film industry: Irrfan Khan


Mumbai: Actor Irrfan Khan, who has worked in international projects as well, says sexual exploitation is not confined just to showbiz.

Asked about Hollywood`s ongoing controversy over sexual allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, Irrfan said a sexually suppressed society was the cause of exploitation and this was not limited to the film industry.

“Whenever the society is sexually suppressed, whichever gender who has an opportunity, if the male has more power, he will exploit the woman, and if the woman has more power, she will exploit man,” Irrfan said on Wednesday at a media interaction for “Qarib Qarib Singlle”.

“In India, we do have sexual suppression. We have put so many conditions and values behind it, anyone can judge a relationship between two people and this is not a healthy sign,” added the actor.

Irrfan said: “People are exploited, and there is nothing to hide in it and it is prevalent in every field. This issue is not limited to film line. Every line of work, where there is sexual suppression, people would exploit.”

In “Qarib Qarib Singlle”, Irrfan is paired with Malayalam actor Parvathy, who is debuting in the Hindi film industry with the Tanuja Chandra directorial.

Irrfan said Parvathy gave him a complex.

“She is a veteran actress, she has a huge fan following and I even had a little complex that whether I`ll be visible in film or not. Had she not been a good actress, this kind of chemistry would have been difficult for us,” he said of their camaraderie, which is there for all to see in the movie`s fun trailer.

“Qarib Qarib Singlle” is releasing on November 10.

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