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Rose Byrne Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Salary, Family, Net Worth




ATTENTION :-  Display ads in your BLOG and get paid for showing ads. Use your blog/website as a publisher Platfrom and earn money .


Ways of blog/website monetization:

1.) PayPerClick Advertisements (PPC)

2.) CostPerImpression (CPM)

3.) Banner Advertisements

4.)Affiliate Marketing
GOOGLE ADSENSE, ADHITZ, CHITHIKA, BUYSELLADS, INFOLINKS, etc. Many other ways are available for monetizing your blog/website yet GoogleAdsense ranks top in the network.


Having your own domain, interested in earning from your website while you sleep– Monetize your site by focusing on niche related content. Yes, then GOOGLE ADSENSE is the nice way to earn money from your website. earns most of its revenue by allowing other website or advertisers to advertise their products or promotional ads in their search pages. In turn,google gets pay for the work they done. Now, google allows their users can share some percentage of these earnings from adwords by displaying those ads or text/images on your webpages.
This program is more advantage and can surely help you to earn a handsome income.

Please remember.




If you have your own domain and a webspace you can able to display Google ads on your content pages eitheir as a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while AdSense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. When a visitor lands on your page and click an ad in your page, you will get a certain amount paid[from $0.001 to $1 and more] by google for the work you done for them.


The commission you earn from google adsense depends on your site traffic and number of unique clicks through your pages. It may be vary from 2 cents to about $10 per click. One cannot estimate the particulars of their earnings from their web pages and it is purely depends on your site traffic and your web page content.
One way to earn more from google adsense is to create a competitive keywords which helps you to drive more traffic to your site.


The earnings you got mostly depends on your targeted traffic you receive to your site, placement of your ads and ofcourse the amount per click you receive.
CONTENT SPEAKS IN YOUR WEBPAGE. The quality of your content is the most important thing which provides impact on your revenue. If your site serves rich contents and competing keywords which helps google crawlers easily find and suit your concept surely you can have more interested users to visit your site often and inturn increase your adsense earning. 


Once you created your website, then go to sign up and start showing ads on your webpages. There’s no cost to join and getting started is quick and easy.
After u became a member of Google AdSense, log in and complete your website profile. Then, create your ad code and implement in your pages and sit back and see your earnings. You can view your earnings at any time by logging in to your account. Also you can able to see the total number of page and ad unit impressions, ad clicks, clickthrough rate, effective CPM, and your total earnings.



Before creating your site for google adsense you must get relevant topic to meet the most searching topic of the era. You must be well knowledged on the topic you deal with it.Monetizing blog is everything in all about money making that puts your effort including producing quality contents and attracting readers in turn earning from those high potential traffic into money making platform.

For successful blogging, you need a strong base on your niche you choose to blog, and must know updated marketing techniques and more-over you need to invest at the beginning.
Although, don’t think the more pages in your site increases your adsense revenue, because more content with lesser pages drive more traffic than the less content with many pages.


»Simple, when you finished building your site with rich 20-30Page content then go to and apply.
»Wait for a day or two, once you receive your confirmation mail from them and then login to your account.
»Select relevant ads,and get HTML codes.
»Paste the codes in your site page and sit over simply. Sit back and see your earning raises.
»You can have option to display text ads or image ads or banner ads.


ADHITZ is one of the best alternative for google adsense. They work similiar like adsense and they offer PPC(PayPerClick) as well as CPM(CostPerImpression). Adhitz is an another great ad network as they allows wide variety of Text Link and Banner Ads to display in our website which pays almost from $0.08 to $0.20 for specific geotargeted traffic. One of the best part in them are they pay almost for all clicks that our websites receives instead certain ad networks pay only for clicks generated from specific countries.


Since Google Adsense payout is more as high as $100, many small website owners suffers due to this large potential. But, ADHITZ payout is comparably smaller as $25 through paypal (or) cheque and it is mostly welcomed by many small website owners.
ADHITZ SITE SPECIFIC ADS:    You can also sell advertisement space from your website in Adhitz network so that advertisers can bid for your site and provides ways to earn even more than $100 to $1000 everymonth.



The commission you earn from adhitz depends on your site traffic and number of unique clicks through your pages. It may be vary from 2 cents to about $10 per click depends on the advertising agency whom they displaying ads on your pages.


»Create a website with related contents and sign in for a “Publisher Account” in Adhitz Account.
»After logging into the account, Register your website. Then choose your preferred Ad’s and get your HTML CODE.
»Copy and paste the code’s in your preferred webpage and that’s it.
»Sit back and watch your income grows.
»Meanwhile, update your site content frequently and do SEO’s to increase traffic for your site.

Top Tips for Using AdSense to Earn Money from Your Website

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money from web. It is also one of the biggest platforms for monetizing a blog. So, what exactly is Google Adsense? How can you use it to maximum potential for making money on the web?

You must have seen online advertisements about how people are making thousands of dollars every month without investing a dime of their own. While most of them are nothing but a part of false advertisement or spam, the truth is you can actually make money for almost nothing through Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

One of the biggest and most reliable platforms for monetizing blog’s content, Google Adsense works on a revenue-sharing model for small, medium and large websites, that helps in placing ads for goods and services that are relevant to the content of your site, targeted at people who frequently visit your web pages.
There are lesser chances of you becoming a millionaire only by using Adsense, but with some luck and knowledge you can establish a stable and constant stream of income through the Adsense monetized properties. When any visitor to a site clicks on an Adsense ad, Google will charge the company who paid for that click. The website owner where the ad is hosted also gets paid for that click and some part is kept by Google.

How much can you make using Adsense?

The first thing that comes to mind about Adsense is, “Is it actually worth all the pain”? This question is asked by everyone looking to jump on the Adsense wagon. However, the truth is there is no reliable answer to this question. While some website owners can make up for a full time income from a single Adsense site, there are others who cannot even manage to pay their hosting fees. There are many factors that decide how much you can actually make from Adsense. Many of these are outside the advertiser’s control.
• The overall state of economy
• The advertiser’s that Google has managed to attract
• The theme of your blog
• The overall traffic on the blog
• The ad placements
• Types of ads (image or text)
No one actually tell you how much you can earn from Adsense, but it surely gives you an extra source of income. Experts who are already employed in different online jobs advise not to make Google Adsense your primary source of income in the beginning.

How to go about using Adsense?

In order to make most out of the Adsense platform you need a little patience and trickery. Follow these steps:
Choosing a niche
The one most important consideration is what your site is actually about. All niches aren’t equal. There are some which are less profitable than others while there are others which are more profitable. Niches like health and finance feature high value clicks while themes such as culture and history do not offer profitable avenues. This is why a prospective Adsense user must chose his niche well. Some will tell you that profitable niches are often the most competitive ones, but in these niches also if you are able to stand out with your site, the money is all yours. Just find the high volume keywords and built your site around them.
Placement of ads and CTR
To maximize your profits, strategic placements of ad units is necessary. It is only logical that if you place the ads for maximum visibility, it will increase the number of clicks that you will get. The general rule is to place the ads closer to the text. Google offers advice on the ad placement. CTR or Click-through Rate is the important parameter of measuring success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website. It is essential to figure out the best CTR for your ad campaign as the highest click-through rate is not always the best. Each click costs you money and if the clicks aren’t converting, then you will be losing money in the end.
Driving traffic
Finally, for ensuring that people do see the ad placed on your site, it’s necessary to drive maximum traffic to the site. Search engine are the biggest source of traffic. The organic traffic coming from search engines is targeted and results in good conversion. For ensuring the same, you have to attract search engine specialists. Social media is also driving a lot of traffic to any website. You can take the help of social media executives.

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