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Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s Blunt Attack Against US

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Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s Blunt Attack Against US


Pak foreign minister Khawaja Asif accused US of waging a war resulting in thousands of Pakistani deaths

Lahore:  After President Donald Trump’s New Year tweet accusing Islamabad of “lies and deceit” and the subsequent withdrawal of military aid worth $225 million by the US, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister on Thursday sought to remind Washington that they conducted “57,800 strikes on Afghanistan from Pakistani soil” and “bathed Pakistan with blood and gunpowder”. In a series of emotional tweets in Urdu, Pakistan foreign minister Khawaja Asif accused the US of waging a war which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Pakistani civilians and soldiers.

In another tweet, Mr Asif sought to prove Pakistan’s claim of helping the US over many years by talking about how Pakistan had sacrificed its national interest in order to please the US.

In the tweet, he wrote that Pakistan had “filled Guantanamo with the US’ enemies”, referring to the infamous US prison, as Pakistan considered the US’ enemies to be their enemies as well. Mr Asif said that Pakistan had concentrated so much on taking care of the US’ security concerns, that it had sacrificed the needs of its citizens.

He said Pakistani citizens had endured decades of load shedding, deterioration in the quality of their lives and tolerating the spread of “Blackwater and Raymond Davis”, referring to the notorious US private military company and alleged private military contractor operating in Pakistan respectively.

Mr Asif ended his Twitter tirade against the US with a third tweet, saying that Pakistan had fought “an unusual war” and that history had taught Pakistan to be careful when trusting the US.

“We’re sad that you’re unhappy now, but we will not compromise on our dignity anymore,” Mr Asif said on his third tweet.

After President Trump’s “lies and deceit” tweet, Pakistan officially stated that President Trump was “completely incomprehensible” and had “contradicted the facts”.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi also held an emergency meeting with his cabinet and National Security Committee to frame an official response to the US.

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