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North Korean leader calls for world-class trolley bus factory

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North Korean leader calls for world-class trolley bus factory


SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 31 (UPI) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un emphasized the importance of domestic production, as he toured a trolley bus factory in Pyongyang, the North’s state-run media reported.

The Korean Central News Agency on Thursday said the North Korean leader had visited the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory which recently began operations after 12 new buildings were built and four facilities underwent repair works.

Kim apparently smiled widely as he praised the cleaness and freshness of the factory grounds and also showed satisfaction at the modern facilities which he claimed are now “92 percent domestically produced.”

He stepped onto a new type of trolley bus, calling it “a glorious creation full of the revolutionary spirit of the working class’s prowess.”

The new buses would become the “face of Pyongyang” as mediums of public transport, Kim said, remarking that his predecessors Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Un would have been pleased to see the citizens going about their daily business on the new vehicles.

North Korea first manufactured trolley buses in September, 1961, after the vehicle was introduced by an Eastern European country, according to Yonhap.

The young leader reportedly called for a “second phase of modernization,” saying that it was his intention to transform the bus plant into a world-class facility for trolley bus production.

The leader was accompanied by Workers’ Party Vice Chairman O Su-yong, and Organization Guidance Department Deputy Director Jo Yong-won and Pyongyang City Committee Chairman Kim Su-gil.

Kim’s trip to the trolley bus factory marks his fourth public outreach to be reported by the North’s state media this year.

Observers believe Kim is trying cement his public image as a compassionate leader, with the turn of the New Year.

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