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Ms planning Step 3 : The TOEFL exam


Step 3 : The TOEFL exam

Alongwith GRE, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is also a mandatory test for students going to the USA for MS. There is no order in which the exams should be given. But it is better to have both scores in hand before you start applying. I can’t tell you much about the TOEFL format and how to study because I gave the CBT test, which is no longer conducted. These days it is IBT. But one thing is for sure, TOEFL is one of the easiest exams that exist in this world. If you are from an English medium school, this will be a cake walk.

Most of the answers of the GRE section (including score reporting) are applicable here. So I won’t repeat. Other FAQs are listed below :

  • Can I take the IELTS exam?

    Although some universities in the USA do consider IELTS score too for English proficiency, TOEFL is still the most widely accepted exam in the USA. IELTS is generally used more by institutes in the UK

  • Is there a GD or a debate included in the TOEFL exam?

    No. There is only you and the computer. There is no one else to do a GD or a debate. In the speaking section, you have to record your speech using a microphone. There is no response from the other side.

  • How long is the TOEFL score valid?

    Unlike GRE, the TOEFL score is valid only for 2 years. So ideally, this test should be given if you are sure about going to US within 2 years.

  • What about test registration, rescheduling, canceling, retaking?

    Refer to the corresponding questions in the GRE section. Same answers.

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