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MS in US cost in Indian Rupees


MS in US cost in Indian Rupees

 MS in US cost in Indian Rupees: Education abroad isn’t cheap for middle-class students from India, there are certain international degrees that are cheaper than the others. For instance, if you are thinking of applying for a post-graduate Masters degree abroad (e.g. MBA / MS), the costs of an MS in USA are significantly cheaper than the cost of a top MBA in USA.

All in all, with all the individual expenses that we’ve covered (and ignored), the average cost of an MS in USA for international students would be around $70,000.

In Indian rupees, assuming an exchange rate of 60 Rs/$, the total average MS in US cost over two years is close to 43 lakh rupees.

That’s around half of what you’d see MBA students in USA shelling out. Of course, the post MS salaries aren’t the same as MBA salaries. But you win some and lose some depending on the choices you make.

Despite the big numbers you see here, it is not uncommon to see well-prepared Indian and international students who get into good MS universities in USA with full-scholarships and graduate with minimal (if not zero) debt.

You’ll also need the TOEFL score. The TOEFL fee in India is $170 (or 9,900 Rupees). There are additional costs (from $20 – $160 each) for late registration, rescheduling, sectional reviews, reinstating cancelled scores.



  1. Praveen Ranjan Keshri June 24, 2016

    Which university costs 6L INR for an MS?

    1. SHAIK SARKAR ALI June 27, 2016

      r u asking for full ms course?

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