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Lebanon PM Saad Hariri rescinds resignation

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Lebanon PM Saad Hariri rescinds resignation


Dec. 5 (UPI) — Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri withdrew his resignation Tuesday one month after he quit.

Hariri said he would remain in his position after a Cabinet meeting Tuesday voted to withdraw the country from involvement in the affairs of other Arab states.

“The government affirms its commitment to staying out of regional conflicts,” he said.

Hariri announced his resignation Nov. 4, saying he feared he would be assassinated like his father. He also criticized the Iran-backed Hezbollah for spreading discord across the region.

But Lebanese officials said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman put pressure on Hariri to resign. Hariri remained in Saudi Arabia for more than two weeks after his resignation, though it’s not clear if it was by choice or coercion.

The New York Times reported some believed Saudi Arabia was trying lessen the influence of Iran by collapsing the Lebanese government.

After his return to Lebanon later in November, Hariri said he was reconsidering his resignation.

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