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Latest News – Poll: More Russians willing to protest than at any point in last 20 years

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Poll: More Russians willing to protest than at any point in last 20 years


Aug. 1 (UPI) — More Russians are willing to demonstrate for political interests now than at any other time in the past 20 years, a new poll showed Wednesday.

The survey by independent pollster Levada shows the number of Russian citizens willing to take part in protests over living standards is at 28 percent, its highest level since the late 1990s.

The poll also found 37 percent said they would participate in rallies against pension reform, a major source of discontent after the government announced plans to raise the retirement age.

Sixty-four percent said raising the retirement age will have a negative impact on their family.

In March, before pension reform was announced, just 8 percent of Russians said they were willing to physically demonstrate their opposition.

Also at its highest number in two decades, 41 percent said they expect economic protests to occur in their community.

A third of Russians in the poll said they would “consider” participating in political rallies, the highest number since 2009.

The survey questioned about 1,600 Russian citizens and has a margin of error of 3-4 points.

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