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Latest News – Bengal cat appears at parliamentary audit in South Korea

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Bengal cat appears at parliamentary audit in South Korea


SEOUL, Oct. 10 (UPI) — A Bengal cat stole the show at a parliamentary audit session at National Assembly in Seoul on Tuesday.

The cat was brought by legislator Kim Jin-tae of major opposition Liberty Korea Party to raise the issue with a recent police decision to kill a puma that escaped a local zoo last month at the parliamentary session to audit government bodies, Yonhap News reported.

Kim brought the cat with a similar puma skin pattern as a comparison to the eight-year-old female puma that was shot to death by South Korean police Sept. 18.

The puma escaped her cage through a door that was left unlocked by staff. Police failed to immobilize her with a tranquilizer gun and decided to kill it, citing potential harm it could cause to citizens. The killing, however, triggered criticisms by the public.

“Puma is known to be gentle in nature. It wouldn’t kill its keeper or viewers at the zoo. What she did was to walk out of the open cage,” Kim said.

“Authorities killed her as they failed to tranquilize her. Don’t you feel pity for her,” he said.

Hong Nam-ki chief of the prime minister’s office, responded: “The puma posed a threat to residents in the area. If it caused a harm to residents, we would have seen criticisms toward the government instead.”

Kin also argued that an emergency National Security Council meeting was held in response to the Puma’s escape and gave an order to the police to kill the animal.

NSC meetings are usually held, concerning national security emergencies.

“That is not true. The NSC meeting didn’t happen because of this. I know because I’m one of the members,” said Hong.

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