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Latest Celeb News – World Earth Day: Dia Mirza’s appeal to avoid plastic usage with Sunday Mid-day

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World Earth Day: Dia Mirza’s appeal to avoid plastic usage with Sunday Mid-day


As we inch closer towards World Earth Day on Sunday, Aastha Atray Banan from Sunday Mid-day gets into a live conversation with Dia Mirza from Twitter Blue Room. The UN Goodwill Ambassador spoke of eliminating plastic from our lives and many aspects

Dia Mirza
Dia Mirza speaks on the importance of environment conservation. Picture Courtesy: Instagram/diamirzaofficial

On the occasion of World Earth Day on April 22, actress, green activist and UN Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza will associate with ‘Sunday Midday’ to spread the ‘green’ word across. In a live interaction with Astha Atray Banan from Sunday Midday, straight from Twitter’s Blue Room, Dia emphasized the dire necessity of imposing bans on plastic to curb pollution. Dia, who has always rooted for a clean environment and nature conservation, has spoken about the preventive measures one can take to curtail the rapid intensity of pollution, thus causing global warming.

With each passing season, the level of heat just aggravates and agreeing with the same, Dia Mirza says, “Yes, the intensity of heat has increased, which means more water is being sucked up from the air and soil, which means that it’s going to be a harder season for agriculture and for all of us.”

Further talking of what we are doing wrong with the daily routine that we follow and perhaps, what changes we can bring to preserve the environment, she suggested, “Let’s think on what we can change because that’s an answer, I am constantly seeking. Given that I am a resident of an urban city. I am part of a profession that demands a certain level of consumption.”

Speaking about the few things that one can do to contribute to the welfare of nature, Dia urges to start with the simple step of eliminating the use of plastic from our lives.

  • “If each one of us can become conscious of our consumption and start questioning ourselves. ‘Where is everything that I use and throw, eat is packaged from? Where is it coming from and where is it going to go?’ So, few of them feel that I have very consciously decided to refuse in my life starts with single-use of plastics because that is causing a serious amount of environmental degradation, pollution. It’s an area in an aspect of urban life that must and can be solved, and it’s very easy to do because it’s about making a choice. I do not drink water from packaged bottles. I carry my own bottle (thermos),” says the actress.
  • The UN ambassador for Environment in India adds, if she had to evaluate the number of plastic bottles she has refused in the past, the number would be very solid, which again inspires her to continue with this spirit. Replacing plastic bags with cloth bags is another alternative, Dia suggests. It’s much convenient to fold and keep it in your bag and it’s lighter than a battery charger or power bank, which we carry in our phone.
  • The third item of single-use plastic that Dia has refused is straws. “The interesting thing about straws is that it is such a horrible item. We use it for a few seconds or minutes and we throw away. It lasts in the environment to upto 500 years. So, I don’t suck it, I sip it.”
  • “The fourth item that really puts me off is plastic cutlery. Whether you are ordering or going out for a picnic, we should go back to the basics, do what we did traditionally, and carry your own cutlery. These may appear difficult in the beginning but when you discover how much of a difference your simple refusal to these single-use plastic items can make to the environment; I think each one of us will get inspired to do much more.”

She reveals that Mumbai has had poorer air quality in the last months than Delhi. Unfortunately, there are around 25 cities in India that have poor air quality.

Dia also shares her opinion on one of the most important aspects or rather debatable topics – Development at the cost of nature? While development is as crucial as preserving nature, how do we strike a balance? “Development can no longer come at the cost of environment. We need green cover. We need our forests, biodiversity and trees. It’s important and it’s possible…there are enough solutions available, if only we demonstrate the political and the public will to plan development with the understanding that it has to be sustainable. Health, safety and security have to be kept in mind,” asserts Dia Mirza.

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