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Iraqi military finds mass grave with at least 400 bodies

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Iraqi military finds mass grave with at least 400 bodies


Nov. 11 (UPI) — The Iraqi military discovered a mass grave near Hawija containing the bodies of at least 400 people likely killed by the Islamic State, military officials said Saturday.

Kirkuk province Gov. Rakan Saeed said the militant group had turned a former U.S. base into an “execution ground.”

“We are now standing at al-Bakara base, that was once a headquarter for U.S. troops before being a site for IS to carry out executions,” Saeed said. “It’s the brutality of terrorists who executed no less than 400 victims, some of whom in red suits while others in civilian clothes.”

He called on government officials and the United Nations to investigate the grave and identify the bodies.

Gen. Mortada al-Luwaibi said nearby residents told military officials about the existence of the grave. Some of the bodies wore civilian clothes, while others were dressed in jumpsuits the Islamic State gave to prisoners condemned to death.

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