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6 Things to Keep in Mind before Moving to USA


6 Things to Keep in Mind before Moving to USA

6 Things to Keep in Mind before Moving to USA

6 Things to Keep in Mind before Moving to USA.

Moving to the US is an important event in your life. Going to a new country is a great experience especially if you are planning to pursue higher education from there. There are many new things that one should know before actually moving there. Many cultural aspects, knowing things about regular transportation, language familiarity, and a little knowledge about the place will make your experience smoother. Make sure that you consider everything you have to do well in advance and know all the deadlines for getting each item done.


Here are a Few Things You Should Know Before Moving to USA:


  • Difficulties in Immigration

You will want to make sure that you are checking with US immigration to see what you need to do before you even consider moving. Since 9/11/2001, rules have been tightened and continue to change daily. Often using an US Immigration Lawyer is a good idea.


  • Bigger cities are less friendly

When you’re looking for a higher degree, bigger cities aren’t necessarily the ideal choice to stay. Try smaller cities that are just outside of metropolitan areas.


  • Less populated areas are less expensive

When budget is a concern, head to smaller towns and avoid less populated areas. Popular places like California and New York are more expensive because everyone wants to live there.


  • Prices are moderate anywhere

An important aspect to select a place of your choice is to consider its cost of living. Even if you live in a large city, you can still find reasonable rents and prices on household goods. You just might have to look more.

There are plenty of groups and resources for new neighbours. No matter where you live, you can find groups that will welcome new inhabitants with open arms.


  • Cars are the best way to get around

In case you can’t get a driver’s licence using car pool is a good idea. Car pool is an arrangement where you can move in a pre-booked car on daily/monthly basis with others who have to travel to the same area every day from the same locality.


  • Health care is expensive

If you have to pay for US health insurance, you will find that it’s quite expensive, but out of pocket costs are even higher. So get a health insurance once you reach there.

Save all your contact information on a Google doc so that you can retrieve the same in case of loss of your mobile or tabs.

Keeping a hard copy of the emergency numbers is also a good idea in case you lose your cell phone and are unable to find other electronic media to retrieve your saved data from the internet.

Knowing the emergency services in the US is very important. It may come handy any time

Moreover, it is your responsibility to let your relatives and friends know about your whereabouts as it is always safe have a cushion in case of any unforeseen event like an accident or things of similar nature.

Never hesitated to ask for help; the US has many service providers that can help you with any questions that you have, whenever you have them.




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