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H1B and H4 Visa Tips For Success


H1B and H4 Visa Tips For Success

One of our readers, Armaan was kind enough to write up his H1B visa stamping experience to share with our readers.  Firstly, Congrats to Armaan and his wife for successful visa stamping and Thanks to him for sharing the experience. You can share your experience too.

Background Info

I am sharing my experience of the visa interview for my wife and I for H1B visa for me and H4 for my wife. I hope this may help some of you who is going to attend the interview. 

US Visa OFC Process in Chennai-India  for H1B and H4 Visa 

1. We reached the Chennai OFC center by 15.45PM and were allowed inside.
2. I had an updated DS160 (Different from the one used during booking the appointment) and informed this to the officials at the gate.
3. They checked the documents – only passports and DS160 and were asked to go to the first floor.
4. Mobile phone was allowed but we had to switch it off.
5. I again informed the officials in the first floor about the new DS-160, they updated the barcode and put stickers on the passport and wrote the new application numbers.
6. Then we got a token and moved to another room.
7. Passport and DS160, Appointment confirmation letter were checked.
8. Photo Clicked, Fingers scanned and then exit.
9. No questions were asked here.
10. Please reach early to this place. Luckily for us there was not much traffic as well as not much people in the OFC.

H1B and H4 Visa Interviews – Process at US Consulate in Chennai
We reached the US Consulate by 9.30Am for the appointment scheduled at 10.30Am. There was a queue for every segment of the process. We stood in a queue and then out passports were verified. Then a token was stuck on one of the passport and we were allowed to get in after thorough security check. No mobile phones to be carried here. The official guided us to take our seats and look out for the token number on the TV screen. When it appeared,

First Counter:
Our documents and petition approval were verified.
Question: Why did you update the DS160? (Answered)

Next Counter:
We had to give our finger prints, rather verify the finger prints.

After this we were made to wait for some time and then finally joined another queue that leads to the Visa interview.
Here is the Interview Part:
to Me ( H1B Visa):
1. To which place are you travelling to? (Answered)
2. Which company do you work for? (Answered)
3. Who is your client? (Answered)

To My wife (H4 Visa ) :
1. When did you both get married? (Answered)
2. How did you meet your husband? (Answered)
3. How many guests attended your wedding? (Answered)
4. Which color Saree did you wear for the wedding? (Answered)

And after that he said, “Your Visa Approved. Have a nice day”. We left the place after submitting the courier details.

Things to remember for Visa Interview – My thoughts
1. Be calm and confident.
2. Don’t get influenced by other interviews that are happening.
3. Dress nicely.
4. Have an eye contact with the Visa officer.
5. Don’t be nervous.

My interview was really short. I had taken all original documents but was checked only for passport, DS160, Appoint confirmation letter, Petition approval.

Hope this is helpful and good luck for others.


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