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H1B 2017 Deadline For Regular Processing Receipt, Premium And Approvals


H1B 2017 Deadline For Regular Processing Receipt, Premium And Approvals


The chances of getting selected in H1B 2017 are subtle, as through technical point of view you should have received your receipt very soon If you think you are approved but failed to get a receipt you are one of the exceptions like missing the email or mail in transit kind of situation. To sum up, you have about 4 to 5 days left to get your receipt as the premium processing starts from 12th may.


USCIS have released a press alert that they completed all the entry of the H1B 2017 and selected the petitions on the 2nd of May, also they announced that the rejected requests will be sent out, This means that, all the selected petitions for the FY 2017 will be notified of the rejection of their petition through ordinary mail by USPS. The regular USPS, Standard Mail takes about 2 to 9 working days to reach you. Thus as per the SLA Standard of the USPS, most of the petitions will be notified along with their case receipt through regular standard mail till the end of this week [that is eight working days] , which will be around 13th of May. As it happens with all of the shipping companies and service providers a delay of the receipt may be there, but as it is observed in most of the cases that the receipt may be lost or misplaced during transit by the shipping company and that you are never going to receive that receipt delivery. But in few of the cases, it was found out that they received their receipt in June or even more time than that. Those who come up with this type of exception are those that are a victim of technical errors of the system and haven’t been notified by the system, and they are directly selected for to H1B.

But this type of cases are very rare, and a few LUCKY persons get a chance like this one of the cases that is given below.

He applied H1B through the petitioners in Chicago with AD/PP/CA and started waiting for the lottery results as everybody else after it was conducted on April 10th. Since he hadn’t got any feedback from the employer and my lawyer he decided to contact his school’s DSO to learn if there was a status change on my SEVIs record and they said there is an automatic cap gap extension applied on his status along with a receipt number.(Even though when he check that receipt number’s status online, it’s still at the ‘acceptance’ stage)

Then he asked his lawyer to confirm the receipt number with USCIS premium processing unit since its more convenient to reach and fast response time. And guess what they said. His case was first selected(that’s why there was a status change on his SEVIs record) then it was rejected for somehow that they did not even know what the reason was. As you can see, he went off by this fact and insisted his lawyer to call USCIS continuously to tell them that there should be no reason for his case to get rejected because it was filed properly, no duplicate entry and there is enough money to be cashed in the associated bank account for the check sent. They believe that his case was voided erroneously by USCIS probably as a result of human interaction. After several phone calls, they were shut out by the PP officers from USCIS said that his case was 100% rejected and waited for his package to be back. Since then he has been working on his other options like O 1 or E 2 but he was waiting for his package to be returned.

It was that morning that he received an email from his lawyer. First, he thought she notified him with the package return, but it turned out a big favor to him. She has gotten a receipt notice email from USCIS saying they received his case and the approval time will take 15 business days. And the most interesting part is they assigned me a different receipt number. Here is the first few numbers: WAC14180….

So as seen in the above case even though he have given out all of his hope he received the receipt, may be he is just lucky enough. But those all are an exception, and you don’t want to count on that.

A rejection package may take from a week or two it means that the package will be delivered to you by starting from the July to the last week of July. But keep hope until you physically see your rejection package, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything, in the meantime prepare yourself with a couple of backup plans. It is always the best option to be ready for possible outcomes.

THE PROCESS AFTER RECEIVING A RECEIPT : – Following is the process for the premium and regular application.

Premium process: – Case was received, and a receipt notice was sent by mail –-> request for additional evidence notice was emailed –> response given to the USCIS request of the evidence was collected by you –-> the case was approved, and the decision was emailed to me.

Regular processing : lasts- They received the case and a receipt notice was sent –> request for additional evidence notice was sent by email–> the response to the USCIS received –> decision notice mailed

The time required for the whole processlastfrom a few days to months, it depends on the response of the employer and the USCIS processing time taken. It is best to submit all the required document timely for a quick response.
The USCIS can also Request for Additional Evidence ( RFE)
RFE could be for the below reasons:

Validation Instrument for Business Enterprise
Special Occupation
Needs of the petitioner for the Service of Beneficiary
Beneficiary Qualifications
Employer-Employee Relationship
Maintenance of Status

If your petition was declined a Decision Notice Mailed status will be there as your status.

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