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For whom H1B Visa is necessary


For whom H1B Visa is necessary


For whom  H1B Visa is necessary

The H1B visa category allows to employ a foreign professional to work in a special occupation for up to 6 years. Examples of special occupations include accountant, computer analyst, engineer, financial analyst, scientist or architect.

H1B Visa Is Suitable

  1. For Foreign nationals entering the U.S. to offer their services relating to cooperative research and development projects administered by the U.S. Department of Defense.
  2. For Professional Nurses entering the U.S. to perform complex job duties or supervise nursing operations.
  3. For Distinguished fashion models.
  4. For Foreign professionals in specialty occupations, such as scientists, engineers, programmers, research analysts, management consultants, journalists, accountants, and others with Bachelor’s or equivalent degree.

Benefits of The H1B Visa

  1. Your dependents can also stay with you as long as you maintain your H1B visa status. They can       attend their educational classes too.
  2. You do not have to maintain a foreign residence and show intent to return to your home country while applying for the visa.
  3. You can freely travel in and out of the U.S. provided visa.

Visa Inc. (/ˈvzə/ or /ˈvsə/) is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Foster City, California, United States.[3] It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world, most commonly through Visa-branded credit cards and debit cards.[4] Visa does not issue cards, extend credit or set rates and fees for consumers; rather, Visa provides financial institutions with Visa-branded payment products that they then use to offer credit, debit, prepaid and cash-access programs to their customers. In 2015, The Nilson Report, a publication that tracks the credit card industry, found that Visa’s global network (known as VisaNet) processed 100 billion transactions with a total volume of US$6.8 trillion. By transaction volume their network is approximately three times larger than MasterCard and 14 times payments veteran American Express.[5]

Visa has operations across all continents worldwide with the exception of Antarctica. Visa Europe is a separate membership entity that is an exclusive licensee of Visa Inc.’s trademarks and technology in the European region, issuing cards such as Visa Debit and Visa Credit.

Despite their vast global operations, nearly all Visa transactions worldwide go via VisaNet to two secure facilities: Operations Centre East, located somewhere in Washington, D.C.; and Operations Centre Central, located in an undisclosed location in Colorado. The data centres are heavily secured against natural disasters, crime and terrorism, can operate independently of each other and of external utilities if required, and can handle up to 30,000 simultaneous transactions and up to 100 billion computations every second. Every transaction is checked past 500 variables including 100 fraud-detection parameters – such as the location and spending habits of the customer and the merchant’s location – before being accepted.[6] [5]

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