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Five Reasons That Lead Many Indians Afford To Do MS in the USA


Five Reasons That Lead Many Indians Afford To Do MS in the USA



Five Reasons That Lead Many Indians Afford To Do MS in the USA: The most important factor for the high amount of people affording MS in USA is that if they have high ranking in their exams and high GRE scores they can easily get scholarships for their MS in USA. Scholarships is your first step. Generally a score of 300 to 350 in GRE is optimum for applying a scholarship.

A thorough research on google search engine can easily give you a list of 50-60 scholarship for Indian students pursuing their graduate studies in US. Most of the time the university to which you apply may also have its own scholarships, try to apply for that first and then go for the rest. While searching google for scholarships the important factor to be kept in mind are as follows.

-> Scholarship Amount :- If you need a certain targeted amount of money for your scholarship, entering the amount while searching will filter your search result to a specific scholarships, also if a particular amount of scholarship which you want is not found you may opt for taking out multiple scholarships to get an equivalent amount of money.

-> Reputation :- This is factor which focuses on the reputation of the institute or organization which is giving you this scholarship. Check out the scholarship program for past two years You may check for review and if needed you may contact the previous awardees to know about their experience with the scholarship program or organization, it will help you know well about scholarship program running.

The few reputed names giving scholarships are: JN Tata Endowment it will pay you scholarship of up to Rs. 4 Lakh for Indian students that are studying abroad, it receives many applications every year and makes the final selection after an interview of every individual. The KC Mahindra Scholarship comes in the form of an interest free loan, and can it will you pay up to Rs. 2 Lakh to students who have already secured admission abroad.

The other way to fill in your funding gap is applying to a charitable trust or organization which are spread in every city or state. They may provide you with part or full scholarship to you in form of interest free loan.


Once you have reduced your scholarship to a small amount with that scholarship, you can go for assistantship which can reduce you fees back to 20%-50%. Factors affecting to get a Teachers Assistantship or a Research Assistantship position to get funding.

-> Your University :- A couple of mails to the relevant department will give you the best idea as of how many students are incoming in that course and how many of them are offered the assistantship, a percentage ratio of less than 10%-15% is a low value and you may need to rethink about your university selection. Either a public university is best to go for as it will offer courses with lower fees than private university.

-> Experience :- Most of the students who opt for assistantship have high GRE scores but the fact is that those students are highly selected which have past experience of any research organization. So take your time to apply, usually a 3-6 months of experience with any research organization will help you by increasing your chances of getting that assistantship. Usually a research work in your field of study will impress the selector who will be selecting you for your assistantship.

-> Focus on your Application :- Most universities select the student for Teacher Assistantship and Research Assistantship only through application without personally reviewing them. So for this you may meet other people who had got their assistantship and collect a few applications which were selected, find the common aspects of every application and crate your application according to it. You can also search online for a certain type of application examples and select the one that is best suited to you.

Remember that, to get the TA or RA offer, prior knowledge is immensely powerful. Talk to as many people as possible in each university sometimes simple email is just enough for a complete stranger to help you and use that to form the basis of your strategy.


Scholarships and assistantships are something that you should be spending month on before you even get admission, but jobs on campus are something you will look at after you reach their. Part-time jobs are something that will cover small amount of your course fees every month, or will get you a couple of hundred dollars every month as your pocket money. Many universities appoint student of their own university to work part-time, for this communicate as many people as fast as possible in university to have a glimpse about how to get a part time job. Also you can go to nearby shops or stores that are running 24hr to get a part time job in your free hours. A few hours of job at a cafe or book store can easily give you a monthly income of 100$ – 150 $, which will be helpful in covering your living expenses.

4] Loans from US banks :-

If you have a friend or Relative who are settled in US you who are either a US citizen or a permanent resident (i.e, green card holder) you can take help of them also. You do is that of he wills to become your co-signor than the Us banks will give you a loan easily. The main advantage of taking loan from US banks is that they charge you with only 6% to 8% only.
While some universities may give their international students loan, even if they don’t have a US based Co-Signor.

5] Letter of Recommendation : –

While researching or assisting a well known eminent person of your field of study and a recommendation letter from him can have a great advantage of you getting selected in your applied university. You can also have a recommendation letter from an organization for which you were researching if that organization is reputed in your state or India.


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