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F1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers 2017


F1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers 2017

Recent Visa Experience

Recent visa interview experience


Hyderabad Consulate
Dream Interview
I was in by 9.30 and out by 11.15
VO was young nice guy
It took hardly a minute.
Me: Hello, GM officer.
VO: GM, So Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette?? .
Me: Yes Officer
VO: That’s great. CS department?
Me: Yes
VO: Typing…. How are you going to pay ur fee?
Me: I have a loan of 25 lakhs, besides that my father and uncle are sponsoring me.
VO: Whats ur father?
Me: He is Prog Director at XX company and has an annual income of XX lakhs.
VO: typing…He was about to speak out golden words ,looks at screen and asks
VO: Which department in UG?
Me: Electronics and communications sir
VO: Can u explain why EC to CS??
Me: Explained
VO: Which part do u like in coding??
Me: Told
VO: Ok ,am approving ur Visa
Me: Thank you, officer.

have a nice stay in U.S
I wished him and left.
He didn’t ask for any of the documents
The only key to crack the interview is confidence and fluency

Recent visa interview experience

Consulate: Mumbai
Date: 28th June 9 AM slot

Status: Approved

Clemson University (CU-icar)

Mumbai, 9 AM, 28th June reached there at 7:30AM and I was out by 9:10 AM. It was raining heavily and waiting in the queue makes it all the more difficult, I can understand people want to get at first but at least make sure your umbrella is not hurting someone.
Water falling from the umbrella of the person in front of me soaked my shirt.

After waiting for some time we were called in and fortunately, there was a roof/cover so the rain was not a problem now.

The official takes your passport, looks at the sticker enters something into his tab, confirms your name and lets you in.
A short walk through the door and there is a security check. After that, there is another official who checks your passport sticker and asks you to sit in one of the queues of the waiting area. It’s a nice and pleasant place, we can sit and relax, can also talk to fellow applicants if you want. Sitting there we can see people coming out of the next building where the actual interview takes place. I was chatting with a few and we could see some people carrying their passport in hand with a sad face (Visa rejected). And soon the line before us was called, now the nervousness was setting in.

Again a short walk to the main building and you enter visa interview room.

Here first you are asked to stand in the queue for checking your passport and verifying your fingerprints. Officer will first collect the passports of all waiting in the queue, then they call out your name and we need to go to the counter.
There are 4 – 5 counters where your details are verified by American officers.

Next, you are sent to the final queue for the interview, you get to hear questions being asked.
Again Indian officer checks your passport and sends you to the final counter. You can now approach the counter, I was assigned counter 28. While I was walking to the counter I could see a girl at the counter answering and a guy waiting for his turn. As I reached in front of the counter the girl was sent back and she had her passport in her hand. Next, the person in front of me was called.

I consciously tried not to hear the questions.
After a few minutes, he was also sent back with his passport.

It was my turn now, I was nervous and a bit excited as well.
VO was a lady in her mid-30s.

VO: [Faces me and nods, indicating that I need to approach the counter]
ME: headed towards the counter with a smile on my face.

VO said something but I was unable to hear it properly, I was about to say pardon but then the mic on her side fell. She tried to fix it once, and again the mic had a great fall!! Hehe……

Eventually, it was set properly

ME: Good morning ma’am!
VO: Good morning and smiled!

VO: Asked me for the documents
ME: Here you go (Passed the documents)

VO: When did you graduate?
ME: 2014

VO: What have you done since then?
Me: After graduating I worked for Volkswagen (added a bit……..) and then I took a break to apply for MS

VO: (She seemed to have liked the genuineness and smiled) Okay! How many Admits did you get?
ME: 4 In total and named them.

*I was hoping she would ask me more about the university, I was like ask me why Clemson? But then She started typing and kept aside the i20 until now she was holding it in her hands. *

VO: What was your GRE Score?
ME: TOLD (I had to use told somewhere)

VO: Again smiled and asked So who is going to sponsor you?
Me: My Father.

VO: What does your father do?
Me: He is a Doctor.

VO: (With a wide smile) Okay! I am approving your Visa you can collect your passport in 2 or 3 days. She passed the documents.

Me: I don’t know what happened to me I was not able to focus and understand what is going on!

Collected the documents and then realized that my passport wasn’t there. Oh!! My visa is approved.
Just smile and Thanked her.

No additional documents were asked!

-When you talk to people in the queue don’t take it seriously, one guy told me that I should have gone to some other US consulate I will get a reject here.
Eventually, after the visa was approved I learned he himself got a reject!!

-Mumbai rains need no introduction; it rains heavily and irregularly so plan accordingly.

– Confidence is the key here. Body language speaks a lot about you so walk with confidence and make proper eye contact.

Recent visa interview experience

Slot 10:00
Stratford Uni. Virginia
BE in IT
Status : rejected

VO : good morning
Me : good morning sir (with smile )
VO : how are you ?
Me : m fine n you ?
VO : pass me your i20 n passport
Me :yes, sir.
VO: why stratford uni.?
Me: this uni.provides me the subject in which m interested.(told subjects)
Told about pro. And his research
VO: ok. How many universities. Did you applied?
Me: 3
Stratford uni. , california state uni northridge and monroe uni.

VO : who is gonna finance for uh?
ME : my family is going to pay for me mainly my mother…my mother n father both in the same XXX bonus n my mother is also LIC agent.

(VO typing & typing)
Sorry, try nxt tym?

Recent visa interview experience

University:Texas Tech
Date:June 30
Slot:10 am
Reached the consulate around 8.30, stood in the queue from 8:45.Was let in around 9 after passport verification..Sat in the eco-rich waiting hall for about 15 min.. was asked to go for security check,where all your belongings including belts,coats etc are stripped and scanned…
Later was taken into another waiting hall and after 20 min ,biometric was done at counter 7…After biometric, I was anxiously sitting in the waiting hall and rehearsing,to my amazement saw the “seraphic” Catherine ;-).
Finally at 10 45 was on the line once again for counter allocation..Got counter 9.
VO was a man in his fifties who approved all 3 visas in front of me, 1 B2, 2 F1.A girl before me was saying answers confidently but mundane ones, he insisted for exotic replies… But Jeez Approved.In the meanwhile consulate, people took my passport and I20 gave it to VO.

My turn.My heartbeat was audible to me, praying the Lords, I had stepped forward.

Me:Good Morning Sir..How are you, Sir??
VO:Fine.How are you
Me:Tq Sir..I am fine
VO:So you are going to TTU
Me:Yes Sir,for pursuing MBA(full form)
VO starts typing.
VO:Good.When did you pass out?
VO:What have you been doing since the?
Me:Had worked in xxx and xxx for the last 3 years.
VO starts typing…
VO:What’s your GRE?
VO:Who are going to sponsor you?
Me:My father and uncle,both are central govt employees.Moreover,have an educational loan of 20l
VO Typinggggg.
Me:I also have a scholarship from TTU
VO :Congrats I have seen it.
Me:Tq Sir
VO:Your visa has been approved
Me:Tq Sir with a million dollar smile :-) ;-) <3 <3
VO:Here is your I20..Have a nice stay
Me:Tq Sir..Have a nice day.
Walked out of the embassy at 11:05.The interview was completed in 2-3 minutes.It was a vivid description.

All the best to future aspirants :-).My sincere thanks to this group.

PS:Be confident while you are answering and try to write down your answers for different questions after thorough research.


Recent visa interview experience


I wonder why nobody mentioned this. There are huge gay pride flags hanging on the alternate windows of the embassy. Such delightful sight. ?

Following questions were asked:
• How many universities you applied to?
• How many admits? (Name)
• Which were the other colleges?
• What was your bachelors in?
• What was your GRE score?
• What does your father do?
• What kind of business?
• What is his annual income?
• How are you going to arrange rest of the money?

It was a rapid fire and the visa was done within 20 seconds. The VO was such a delight and made funny faces while asking questions. That was a stress buster. All VOs seemed cool at Mumbai.

I would like to thank this group for everything. Since my GRE prep till my Visa Interview and everything in between, this group has been my guide. I did not join any consultancy and never felt the lack of guidance. I promise to help any future aspirant for his/her silliest or smartest doubt.

Profile: 304/95/54/2year/1Intern/2Papers

Destination: Lehigh University (MSE)

Recent visa interview experience

Consulate: Hyderabad
Slot :930 AM
University: Of Minnesota
Course : MS ISyE
Allowed into consulate by 08 30
Waited for 40 Min
VO gave blue slips to 3 ppl ahead of me
(Don’t give me 10 god…He listened to my prayers and asked me to go with counter 10)
VO: Pass me your documents sir
Me: Good morning officer
VO: Oh ,good morning sir,
Looking at my i20
Why this university?
Me : favorite ,related work experience,research, running project
VO: Which work ex-do you have ?
Me: Matl mgmnt
VO: Could you explain ?
Me : Explained
VO: What’s your fee ??
ME: $46k PA
VO: How’re you gonna meet the expenses ?
Me: Do you want me to explain or documents
VO: Just explain
Me: Explained
VO: I’m approving your VISA sir
Running mode activated
Thank you, officer
Good day
Brand UMN did 95% of the interview!!

Recent visa interview experience

Hi, friends I am posting this on behalf of my friend.
Two times rejected
Profile 300 GRE 7 ielts GPA 8.4( no backlogs)
VI 1
Hyd consulate
Vo: hello
F: hello sir gudmrn
Vo: y Eastern Illinois Univ?
F: told
Vo: wat all the other unv?
F: told remaining 2 (wiu and Kent)
Vo :Wat’s ur parents annual income?
F: 6,50,000 per annum (low)
Vo :wats ur fee on i20
F: 25522$
Vo: again asked how much?
F: 25522$
Vo : sorry you rejected

( He shud have told about his Edu loan of 29lac and savings 6 lacs )

VI 2
Chennai consulate
Vo :good mrn,pass ur passport n i20
F: good mrn,here they are
Vo: eiu?!!!
Vo: seems u have rejection in hyd last tym
F: yes ma’am ,it’s may be coz of my parent annual income.
Vo: And I see there no changes In your application since then
F : said no
Vo :Wait ll be back
F: actually I am interested In the courses of the unv,thats y I have chosen this unv
Vo: wats ur father
F: works as @@@@( self employee )
Vo : sorry I shud agree vd my colleagues in hyd as I am rejecting your visa this tym
214 b

Please kindly respond to this scenario
He is feeling depressed
N left out of options
Suggestions are welcomed

Thanks in advance



Recent visa interview experience


Chennai consulate
Counter 25
Slot: 10am
Reached there by 7:00. I was out with visa by 9.
Me: Good morning sir
VO: pass me ur passport and i20.
Me: sure sir. Here they are
VO: when did you graduate?
Me: April 2016
VO: what’s ur major?
Me: CS
VO: what is the specialization?
Me: computer systems and big data
VO: tell me something about big data
Me: said some very basic definition and advantages assuming he’s not much aware of it.
VO: how do u came to know about it.
Me: Subjects related to it are included in my under graduation curriculum and I attended few workshops and through an internet.
VO: what are the companies working based on big data
Me: I said ORACLE and MuSigma( I’m not sure whether they are ??)
VO: who is sponsoring u?
Me: parents as well as bank
VO: how?
Me: we have fixed deposits of xxxxx savings of xxxx and bank has sanctioned me a loan of xxxxx
VO: what’s the collateral?
Me: one of our houses
VO: which bank and what’s the interest?
Me: said
VO: show me the letter
Me: shown.
Typed something for 15 seconds.
Vo: your visa is approved. Have a nice day.
Me: thank you sir….thank u so much
The interview went for 2 minutes and didn’t ask for any other docs except loan sanction letter.


Recent visa interview experience

Visa Approved. I want to thank this group and its members. It was very helpful.
It took hardly a minute.
Me: Hello, good morning.
VO: Hello Sir, which university.
Me: Penn State.
VO: That’s great. How much is your tuition?
Me: $52.5K pa.
VO: How are you going to manage?
Me: I have a loan of 40 lakhs from Andhra Bank and my family is sponsoring me.
VO: Ok sir, I am approving you Visa.
Me: Thank you.( And I stayed there to see if he tells anything else)
He said have a nice stay in U.S and I thanked him and left.

Tips for Hyderabad Consulate:
You can arrive at the consulate very early and stand in the queue outside and then there are two more queues once you go inside.(we can sit there)
You can go just 15 minutes before and avoid the first queue and sit inside.(my slot was at 9:30, I arrived there at 9:15 and went inside without standing outside)
And make sure you don’t carry any sealed envelopes. I forgot that I had transcripts in my file..they told me to go outside and remove the seal..I had to go back during the second queue..so there was around 20 minutes delay…I came out at 10:20


Recent visa interview experience

Visa Approved
Mumbai consulate
Time: 10:00 am
Reached there by 9:15 and finished Vi by 10:40.

Me:Told him about the course structure and my Track – Intelligent Systems.
VO:What’s that?
Me: It has three major courses – Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
VO: What’s Natural Language Processing?
Me: Told
VO: GRE Score?
Me: Told
VO:Who’s sponsoring you?
Me: Parents
VO: What do they do?
VO: Congratulations I am approving your visa!

Tips: While in queue inside the consulate, keep your mind relaxed and do not let other’s interviews and answers affect yours. In the end you will go there and deliver it properly! All the best to all those left with their visa interviews! ? :)


Recent visa interview experience

Visa experience
Consulate : Delhi
Date: 28th june
Slot: 10 AM
Reached there at 9 and i was out by 10:30
Status: approved
There was a long queue of F1 students before me and almost everyone was getting approved except for a few school students who were going for an educational trip but had no idea of what there were going to do there , so many of them got rejected.
Then came my turn at counter no. 21 . The VO was white male and quite serious. He approved a tourist visa of a family before me after typing for approx. 5 mins. When my turn came, he asked to me stop and left his seat. Returned after approx. 10 min and asked me to come forward.

ME: Good morning sir. How are you doing? (with a big smile) :D
VO: Good morning. Pass me your passport ( in a serious manner)
He put my passport in the basket within few seconds without asking and started typing again.
VO: who is going to sponsor you?
ME : Told (This told is my parents + education loan)
VO : your visa is approved.

Not a single document was asked. May be he didn’t ask because he made me stay for around 10 minutes and felt bad about that. Lucky me :D



Recent visa interview experience

Date : 30/6/2016
Time slot: 10am
Guest appearance : Catherine Teresa?
Visa Status : Approved!:D
University of SouthFlorida
Was at the consulate by 9am! Soo many phases of wait and then finally stood infrnt of counter 16 by 11am!
VO was like in her late 20’s probably!

Me: Goodmorning officer!
vo : gudmrngg! So u did ur undergrad in ECE?
Me : yes ,maam!
Vo : wts ur gre score?
Me : 301
Vo : can u split it up!
Me : told
Vo : wt all univs u applied for?
Me : niu,csu,ku,usf,wayne,utsa
Vo : wt did u like about ur course?
Me : Told about undegrad project relation to course and research wrk over thr made me intrsted in the univ
Vo : can u tell me any specific research wrk you are intrsted in?
Me : advanced waveforms for future communication by professor husyein arslan and explained about it abit!
Vo : how are u gonna finance urself?
Me : my parents are sponsoring me and i have a loan sanctioned of 20 lakhs
Vo: hand me your financial docs!
Me : here you go! Gave her loan saction letter , bank statements ,lic bond
Typed for like 30 sec….
I clarified regarding all the recent transactions
Vo : (gave all my docs back) ur visa is approved!!
Me : ty ma’am! :D

Hyd consulate is all about financials,Prepare well regarding em!
Some of the ppl told that one of the vo’s(white youngster with blackbeard) was testing everyone by telling them that their financials are fake! Dnt get panicked and explain him clearly.he was in counter 12 today
One of my friend got his visa approved by him and the other frnd dint!


Recent visa interview experience

Consulate: Chennai.
Slot: 11am. But was done by 9am.
Counter: 22.

Tip : EAT! Do not skip a meal.

Status : *wait for it*.
He rejected everyone almost alternatively or continously.

Here’s how the interview went.
VO: Good morning, please pass your passport and i20
Me: wished him while I passed the passport.
VO: have you been to the US before?
Me: answered.
VO: why this university.
Me: Answered.
VO: who’s sponsoring you?
Me: parents
VO: what do they do?
Me: Answered.
Then came the golden words, your VISA IS APPROVED!
Once I heard it, I just had zero expression as I was exhausted from all the preparation.

P.S : Just do what you know the best, don’t take advices from anyone so seriously, just be you and be confident.


Recent visa interview experience

Here it goes..
Visa Interview – Mumbai 10 am slot 30 June 2016
Reached there by 8:40 Queue for the 10 am slot was on, and joined that,
Within 10 minutes security check was done and was sitting in the waiting hall, for another 15 minutes, and then final queue for the interview inside the embassy, long wait of 15 minutes after fingerprint scan till i was assigned a counter for my interview.. Counter 26 and 27
First 26 ..
American guy with beard, he was kind of tired talking with and old age uncle in Hindi and English who was going to visit her daughter.
My turn came he closed the counter and went away, so i waited again for 5 when i was told to go to the adjacent one.
He was an Indian quite serious in his looks,
Until he asked me questions
Vo: What’s your score??
Vo: universities you applied, name them??
Me:Told 2 off them, until he stopped me telling enjoy your stay in Dallas.
I thanked him and came jumping all the way out.. ?


Recent visa interview experience

Visa Experience. Chennai – 9.00 SLOT
Reached Consulate by 7.10 :P stood in a long queue.
Visa Approved by 10.00 Counter 24
VO – Lady in her mid 30s
Me : Good Morning! How r u dng ?
VO: Doing good, Pass me ur I20 and Passport
Me : Did .
VO : Oh! San Diego is it?
Me : Yeah!
VO : So, which course
Me : Master’s in Structural Engineering
VO : How many Admits ? Which are they ?
Me : 5 admits .. Colorado State Univ, Univ of Texas Arlington, Stevens Institute of Technology and Univ of South Florida
VO : Then Y SDSU ?!
Me : becoz comparitively it has more no of courses pertaining to Structural Engineering with some of the Advanced topics like Earthquake Engineering and Advanced Concrete Materials and also hav dedicated research laboratory .. ( Interupted )
VO : Name some of the subjects u r going to take
Me : Structural Analysis, Bridge design …. ( Interupted )
VO : who is funding?
Me : My parents partially and loan of 30lakhs from Canara Bank
VO : What ur parents Do ?!
Me : My father is XYZ and My Mother is XYZ
VO : Tell me more about ur Father’s occupation..
Me : XYZ
VO : Do u hav any Sibling ?!
Me : Yes, an elder brother
VO : What is his highest qualification
Me : MBA from BU
VO : Iam Going to approve ur Visa (slides the I20 back)
Me : Thank You Ma’am

Recent visa interview experience

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