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Exceptions And Experiences for Receiving H1B-F2017


Exceptions And Experiences for Receiving H1B-F2017

Exceptions And Experiences for Receiving H1B-F2017: Like most of the people you also have been waiting for your H1B receipt and still wondering is that if you still got any chances for receiving your receipt. So in this article, will cover some of the real life truths and some of the exceptions and experiences.

The unfortunate truth behind getting the receipt is that, if you are still waiting for your receipt than your chances of getting one is very, very, very, small. This is because somewhere due to technical glitches the mail is not delivered to you on time. Generally USPS delayed mail or lost mail or some system-level exceptions are cases. Thus, it means that you may not receive mail ever, and if you are somewhat lucky you will receive mail, but by the time you receive that it will be 2nd of May, that is the deadline and by the time the H1B Data Entry was Complete for FY 2017.

There are always exceptions; they are the few lucky ones to get an H1B Receipt. It may be for many reasons, and you may be or may not be a part of it.
The few of the cases are as follows-

Case 1 – One of the people received his receipt on 3rd June for FY2016 which is a rare case, It was just a delay of the receipt.
The image link for user post is this – http://redbus2us.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FY-2016-Receipt-Exception-1.png

Case 2 – One of the user haven’t received receipt neither do his employer nor do his attorney and was waiting for his rejection package, and surprisingly he received a direct approval on June 23rd for FY2016, he is very rare but indeed very lucky person to have it approved. The fault was that the system didn’t send out the receipt notice mail, or it was lost in the transit.

The link for user post is – http://redbus2us.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Exception-H1B-2nd.png

Case 3 – The story is narrated by the user itself.
Let’s start from the beginning.

He applied H1B through the petitioner in Chicago with AD/PP/CA and started waiting for the lottery results like everybody else that was conducted on April 10th. Since he had not gotten any feedback from the employer and my lawyer he decided to contact his school’s DSO to learn if there was a status change on his SEVIs record and they said there is an automatic cap gap extension applied on my status along with a receipt number.(Even though when he check that receipt number’s status online, it’s still at the ‘acceptance’ stage)

Then he asked his lawyer to confirm the receipt number with USCIS premium processing unit since its more convenient to reach and fast response time. And guess what they said. His case was first selected(that’s why there was a status change on his SEVIs record) then it was rejected for somehow that they did not even know what the reason was. As you can see, I went off on this fact and insisted my lawyer to call USCIS continuously to tell them that there should be no reason for my case to get rejected because it was filed properly, no duplicate entry and there is enough money to be cashed in the associated bank account for the check sent. We(I, employer, lawyer) believe that my case was voided erroneously by USCIS probably as a result of human interaction. After several phone calls, we were shut out by the PP officers from USCIS said that my case was 100% rejected and waited for my package to be back. Since then I have been working on my other options like O-1 or E-2, but I was waiting for my package to be returned.

It was this morning that I received an email from my lawyer. First, I thought she notified me with the package return, but it turned out a big favor to me. She has gotten a receipt notice email from USCIS saying they received my case and the approval time will take 15 business days. And the most interesting part is they assigned me a different receipt number. Here is the first few numbers: WAC141805….

My whole world has changed since this morning as I already had lost my all hope whatsoever. I tasted what it feels like to be rejected as well as selected so I can pretty much understand the people’s feelings who still have not received anything from USCIS.
My advise is never lose your hope until you receive something pos/neg.

Guess what a lucky guy.

There may be some of the exceptions like above, but the real fact is that it occurs very less, it means you are standing a chance of one out of a thousand or even a one out of a lakh. Posting these experiences of users is not to increase your faith in being chances of luck, but to have a glimpse of the problems and errors caused due to system glitches. Personally, I think that you should not be having to much faith in receiving your receipt, You should have a receipt number by this date, if you were selected in lottery, if not the by the deadline, may be a week later otherwise, the chances after that are almost zero…

Moreover, lookout your options and plans if you haven’t heard anything from USCIS so that you do not get into out of a status situation. Also, check with the employer and ask your employer to share a rejection letter copy, from the rejection package they received indicating that you were not for selected for the lottery, which is the only way to fully confirm that you were not picked in the lottery.

So to summarize you should consider any chance of receiving the receipt after the deadline as an almost lost game.

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