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Estimate of per year cost for the MS or MBA course in USA


Estimate of per year cost for the MS or MBA course in USA



MBA has always been one of the most popular educational degree courses all across the world and its demand has been rising even in a changeable market of today. If you are able to pursue a good MBA or MS degree from some reputed college, it is almost going to look like an icing on the cake! If you are an MBA or MS degree holder from one of the colleges in the USA, you are generally entitled to promising opportunities in global job market. However, with these, arise the concerns relating to the financial influx associated with these programs.
Why USA for MS or MBA degree programs?
If you are looking to apply for the MS degree programs abroad then the USA is definitely the best option to consider and there are many reasons for the same but flexibility being offered by MS programs in the USA tops the chart. Students are also entitled to OPT, as an amazing option which allows them to work for almost a year for anything that is related with their field of study. This can be done after the students have completed the course.
Top MBA programs in the USA
Here are some of the top MBA programs in the USA that are immensely popular and have been witnessing a rising number of MBA or MSaspirants every year. But how much would these programs cost you annually? Let’s take a look and probe deeper.
Harvard Business School: As you know, it is one of the best business schools all across the globe. Duration of the MBA program is 21 months and it would cost you $110,000 annually.
Stanford university: They offer MBA program with a duration of 21 months and you will be required to pay somewhere around $106,000. If you are appearing for GMAT and want to pursue an MBA degree from Stanford, you must aim at an average acceptable score of at least 728.
Tuck School of business: This business school in the famous Dartmouth College offers specialized MBA programs that run for 21 months and would cost you anything around $104,000 on yearly basis.
Fuqua School of Business: This school of business at the Duke University offers daytime MBA program where you are required to pay an annual fees of not more than $100,000. This program is supposed to run for the duration of 22 months and the business school is located in the North Carolina region.
Other business schools to consider are The Wharton School and The University of Chicago with full time MBA courses.
Top MS programs for international students in the USA
USA and Canada is well equipped with a wide range of educational institutions, colleges and universities that provide graduate programs. However, there are specifically few top common choices that seem to lure international students and here they are.

  • Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Master’s in Accounting
  • Master’s in Engineering
  • Master’s in Accounting
  • Master’s in Management
  • Master’s in Criminal Justice

Good thing with the MS programs in the USA is that they usually offer 2 year degree programs so if you can manage to have the required finances, MBA or MS degree programs in the USA are undoubtedly the best.

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