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CCTV Shows 50-Year-Old Flung In Air In BMW Hit-And-Run By Delhi Student

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CCTV Shows 50-Year-Old Flung In Air In BMW Hit-And-Run By Delhi Student


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Abhinav Sahni, the accused, drove away after hitting the 50-year-old with his BMW, police said

New Delhi: 
A 50-year-old man trying to cross the road near Delhi University was flung several feet in the air by a BMW sports utility vehicle in north Delhi. The vehicle, a BMW X1, was being driven by a Delhi University student who sped away after the accident, police said. The hit-and-run accident, which took place on Wednesday, was caught on CCTV.

The accused, 21-year-old Abhinav Sahni, is a first year undergraduate student at Khalsa College – a short distance from the spot where the accident took place.

He was formally arrested a day later, on Thursday, and released on bail by the police.

A north district police officer said they were able to identify the accused on the basis of witness accounts and the CCTV footage.


abhinav sahni

Abhinav Sahni, 21, is a first year student at Khalsa College

Abhinav and his friends were travelling in the BMW X1 from Khalsa College to Kirori Mal. Both colleges are in the North Campus of Delhi University.CCTV footage of the accident shows the victim, Shiv Nath, trying to cross a road in Maurice Nagar on Wednesday around 1:20 pm.Seeing the SUV approach him fast, Shiv Nath can be seen trying to run across to the divider, but gets hit by the vehicle which then comes to a halt.


abhinav sahni

He was elected as the Joint Secretary of his college- for which he is seen celebrating in picture

Seconds later the maroon-coloured BMW speeds away, leaving the victim behind. Shiv Nath died on the spot.

Abhinav later told the police that Shiv Nath came in front of his car from out of nowhere and he could not apply the brakes in time. He added that he fled from the accident spot because he was scared.

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