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Caste Wise Population In Andhra Pradesh In 2017


Caste Wise Population In Andhra Pradesh In 2017

Caste Wise Population In Andhra Pradesh In 2017: So many people are searching For Andhra Pradesh caste wise percentage population. But There is No Source Providing Accurate Info. Also, read Tollywood Actors Caste.

Caste General Information:

The castes in Andhra Pradesh can be divided into two distinct categories. Brahmin, Komati, Raju, Reddy, Kamma, Velama, Kapu, Nayudu, Relli, Mala, Madiga, Yeraka, Yanadi etc., castes are based on their tribal, cultural and religious differences. While the castes like Chakali (washerman), Kummari (potter), Kammari (smith), Kamsali (goldsmith), Mangali (barber) etc. are based on their duties. After British rule, the Indian Constitution defined the tribes/castes. Currently, all the castes in Andhra Pradesh are categorized into four groups. These are Other Communities (OC), Backward Communities (BC), Scheduled Castes (SC), and Scheduled Tribes (ST).

Caste Wise Population In Andhra Pradesh In 2017


The following is the cast-wise percentage of the population in Andhra pradesh:

OC Caste List In Andhra Pradesh/ Oc Caste Percentage In Ap

  • Brahman 3.0
  • Kshatriya 1.2
  • Komati 2.7
  • Kamma 4.8
  • reddy 6.5
  • Kapu 15.2
  • Velama 3.0
  • Balija 3.0
  • Telaga 5.2

BC Caste List In Andhra Pradesh/ Bc Caste Percentage In Ap

  • Boya/Besta 0.7
  • Chakali 4.2
  • Devanga 2.1
  • Dudekula 0.4
  • Gavara 0.4
  • Golla 6.3
  • Idiga 1.0
  • Jangam 0.4
  • Kammara/ Vishwa Brahmana 2.1
  • Kummari 0.9
  • Kurma 1.3
  • Munnurukapu 0.8
  • Mangali 1.3
  • Mutrasi 3.3
  • Sale 2.9
  • Uppara 0.6
  • Waddera 1.8
  • Others 5.4

SC/ST Caste List in Andhra Pradesh/ SC/ST caste Percentage in Andhra Pradesh

Madiga 7.3

Mala 9.7




The growth rate of Muslims has been tremendous in AP between 2001 and 2011. Muslim population grew by 34.5 percent. In TS, the growth rate was 15.8 per cent.

Source: Quora, Deccan Chronical



  1. Ma March 15, 2017

    T.kapu is bc.%

  2. Ma March 15, 2017

    T.kapu how much

  3. Mani naidu April 1, 2017

    It may be tkapu or kapu or balija. We all shoulb be with unity we are all NAIDUS the ROYALS

  4. praveen April 21, 2017

    The caste TELAGA is not a bc it is oc.

  5. Kishore Nayakar July 5, 2017

    What about agnikula Kshatriya

  6. Pramod I April 12, 2018

    Balija and Telaga comes under OC

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