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H1b Blacklisted Companies 2017


H1b Blacklisted Companies 2017


List of H1b sponsoring companies blacklisted by US government organizations like DOL(Department of Labor), Most of these companies are IT consulting companies. I am providing you links for the list, the website which has this information is I am not sure how accurate this information is but if I were you, I would stay away from companies which show up on this list.

Not all H1B jobs are created equal. Avoid job offers from blacklisted employers.

US Department of Labor maintains two lists of disqualified and willful violator employers:

  1. Debarred/Disqualified Employers: individuals or corporations who have been disqualified from approval of petitions to participate in the nonimmigrant program.
  2. Willful Violator Employers: employers subject to random investigations by the Department of Labor for a period of up to five years.

No matter how desperate you are, you should think twice before accepting job offer from willful violator employers. Though they still could file labor condition applications(LCA) for you, they must comply with additional attestations and are subject to random investigations. 

Many of those blacklisted employers had had all their LCAs certified before DOL determined their violations. So they do not have any denied or withdrawn LCA in our database! 

It is very important that you review both lists together with our visa reports and visa sponsor profiles. For your convenience, we have recompiled the two lists, and link those employers to all the H1B Visa and green card petitions they filed. 

Check the blacklisted H1B Visa employers now, before the immigration agents give you a surprise.


  1. Jinga Apps September 10, 2016

    2 Companies that is banned by uscis and Department of Labor in USA is EBS MINDS (ebsminds) and iEratech.
    Both these companies charge around USD 4000 for processing H1B Visa and when not picked in lottery or RFE
    comes up, they refuse to refund even partially the Visa charges they have colleced, leaving the applicants
    in a lurch. I personally lodged a complaint and glad to see that Manmohan Akkavaram, Brijesh Vyas and
    Raghu MUTUKULA will be procecuted by the US Government. Thanks to all your website for hosting this review
    and 100s of other applicants who have compalint against companies like this.
    See below of other such companies with Debarment period: 4/4/2015 to 4/3/2019:

    Advanced Professional Marketing, Inc
    Ebs minds
    Anthony Information Technology Inc
    Global Telecom Corp
    Gunderson Sweetwater
    NYVA Soft Inc
    Orian Engineers Inc
    Northern California Universal Enterprise Corporation (NCUE)
    Prithvi Information Solution International, LLC
    RMJM Group Inc
    Scopus Consulting Group Inc
    Sirsai Inc
    Space Age Inc
    Tekseed Solutions
    Xcel Solutions Corp
    Riedstra Dairy Ltd

  2. Jinga Apps September 10, 2016

    This review is about EBS Minds and iEratech. Fraud companies.

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