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Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar written updates: Mika Singh enters the house as Santa Claus

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Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar written updates: Mika Singh enters the house as Santa Claus


New Delhi: It was a Christmas special episode of Bigg Boss and the highlight was when Mika Singh entered the house, dressed up as Santa Claus with some really special gifts for the inmates!

The Bigg Boss season 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode began with the inmates discussing Vikas Gupta’s game plan. After this, our favourite host Salman Khan addressed the contestants and gave them a fun task!

The task was indeed hilarious and sent the audience, as well as the inmates, laughing. 

Then was the time when Mika Singh entered the show and entertained us by his singing. 

Salman and Mika danced on the epic dance number, Aaj Ki Party which set everyone in dancing mode. Mika and Salman then indulged in a much entertaining task which involved guessing  the song with various emoticons displayed on screen. It was fun watching the duo, trying to guess emoticons.

The most fun part of tonight’s episode was when Mika Singh turned into Santa Claus and entered the house, spreading smiles and laughter. The inmates greeted and gave a warm welcome to Mika, who had brought some thoughtful gifts for the housemates. Soon, everyone joined in to sing with the talented singer and mirth and merriment surrounded the house.

Mika also asked the inmates to dedicate songs to each other and the inmates bid him adieu soon after.

This week, it was a battle between friends as Priyank and Luv entered the Sultani Akhada and Luv won the first round.

Next was the boxing round where Priyank won, thereby winning the entire Sultani Akhada task. As his reward, Priyank got a medal from Salman.

With Christmas on the way, it will be fun to see how the inmates celebrate the festival inside the house. With Arshi Khan out of the house already, the show is for sure taking an interesting turn! 

Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss updates!

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