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Bigg Boss 11: Weekend Ka Vaar written updates: Luv, Shilpa safe from eliminations

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Bigg Boss 11: Weekend Ka Vaar written updates: Luv, Shilpa safe from eliminations


New Delhi: Bigg Boss 11 has been one of the most entertaining yet controversial seasons so far. The inmates started arguing right from day 1 and even a love angle developed in the first week itself! 

Every weekend, the contestants get a reality check by our favourite host Salman Khan. This week Salman told the contestants that none of them can agree on anything. He was pointing to the cancellation of captaincy task which was announced by Bigg Boss after Arshi,  Vikas, Luv and Shilpa failed to give two names for captaincy. 

Arshi defended her decision of not favouring Shilpa.

Vikas imposed several allegations on Priyank which led to an argument between the two, in front of Salman.

After this, the inmates were asked to make certain predictions. 

Hina predicted the person who will betray Vikas whereas Luv predicted the contestant who Hina will never meet once the season ends.

This week, Luv, Hiten, Priyank and Shilpa were nominated. Salman announced that Luv and Shilpa are safe.

The safe contestants were given an advantage. They were shown clips of what the inmates had said about them. 

Luv was visibly upset when he saw what Hina and Priyank had said about him.

Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss updates!

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