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Bigg Boss 11 Weekend ka Vaar written updates: Arshi Khan evicted, Vikas Gupta enters semi-finale week

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Bigg Boss 11 Weekend ka Vaar written updates: Arshi Khan evicted, Vikas Gupta enters semi-finale week


New Delhi: It was a christmasy episode of Bigg Boss and we were shown how the inmates gifted each other on Christmas. Arshi Khan received two gifts, one from Vikas and other from Shilpa whereas Puneesh didn’t receive even one!

Salman Khan adressed the inmates and talked to them about the week gone by. The actor told the contestants that everyone could understand their codewords about the nominations planning and even joked about their easily detectable codewords. 

The caller of the week asked Luv about his choice for captaincy contendor. 

After this, Akash, Vikas and Shilpa were declared safe.

Salman asked Hina what she wanted in captaincy task. Did she really want to be the captain or not. Hina tried to defend herself which started an elaborate discussion on her behaviour during the captaincy task. Salman asked the inmates who they think will get evicted this week and two names emerged- Arshi and Puneesh. 

Finally, Salman announced who would leave the house and it was Arshi Khan. 

Arshi’s eviction shocked everyone and she soon joined Salman on stage. She confidently said that ‘Vikas ab barbaad hogaya hai’ since he doesn’t really have anyone inside the house.   

Arshi was asked to choose two inamtes and she chose Vikas and Priyank. Salman announced that there will be a live voting in which, the people of India will vote for either Priyank or Vikas. The contestant who gets more votes will be safe from the next week’s nomination. 

Vikas and Priyank were asked to appeal to the public and tell them why are they the better candidate. Priyank was the first one to come up and ask for votes.  He received 67% votes and after that was Vikas’ turn. 

Vikas got 71% votes and hence he won in the online voting. The public, saved Vikas from next week’s nominations.

Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss updates.

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