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Bigg Boss 11, Day 87 written updates: Luv Tyagi dresses up as a woman to win a task

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Bigg Boss 11, Day 87 written updates: Luv Tyagi dresses up as a woman to win a task


New Delhi: There have been a number of twists and turns in Bigg Boss season 11 but we really love the latest one! As shown in the previous episode, family and friends of the inmates have entered the padosi ghar where they will be staying. Just like yesterday, a task was performed by the inmates today and the members of the padosi ghar had to decide the winner.

The task involved other contestants completely ignoring the chosen inmate. Hina was the first one who was to be ignored by the inmates and she tried her best to gain the contestants’ attention. Except Akash, everyone else hid their reacitons well.

Hina even fell down in the living area while performing the task but no one came to help as they thought she was merely acting. Only when the duration of ignoring her was over, was when Hina revealed to the inmates that she had actually fallen down and had even gotten hurt. 

Akash, gave reaction to almost every inmate, hoping to get the same favour for them. But when that didn’t happen, he felt betrayed and simply chose to gave up towards the end. Luv, Priyank and Puneesh decided to help Akash by giving him reactions but that wasn’t enough for him to win

Just as the other inmates discussed Akash’s behaviour and how he should not have trusted others, his mother broke down into tears, telling others not to say anything about her son. The other members of the padosi ghar consoled her and refrained from talking about Akash thereafter. 

The highlight of today’s episode was when Luv, in order to gain attention when his turn came, dressed up as a woman which made others laugh. He had dressed up as a woman earlier too, during the robot task which evoked laughter and it was indeed a smart move on his part to give it another shot!

Everyone, almost, including Shilpa Shinde found it hard to control their laughter, seeing Luv in this avatar.

Because of his remarkable performance, Luv was decided upon as the winner and was awarded 60 points. 

With this, the episode ended and we have to say that this week is one of the most entertaining week’s so far!

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