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Bigg Boss 11, Day 75 written updates: Captaincy task stands cancelled

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Bigg Boss 11, Day 75 written updates: Captaincy task stands cancelled


New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 11 day 75 began with the inmates dancing to the beats of the song ‘Chull’. he previous night, we saw how Vikas and Hina were called in confession room separately and were shown certain ‘special’ video clips. These clips had whatever the inamtes had said about them. 

Hina chose to see what inmates say about her and he was shown the way Shilpa made fun of her when rocky was leaving the house. The actress was deeply hurt by this and expressed her disapointment.

Vikas was asked to choose between Hina’s talks about him or what Priyank and Luv had been talking a while ago. Vikas chose to watch what Hina had said and once he came out of confession room, he told Luv that he had seen all that he talked about with Priyank. This made Luv nervous and he began telling Vikas about their conversation.

Vikas then talked about the matter to Priyank and the latter admitted that he had been talking about him. Well played, Vikas!

After this, the winning team was asked to give two contestants’  names who would compete for captaincy. The winning team was Vikas, Arshi, Shilpa and Luv. Everyone except Vikas wanted to become the captain which led to a war of words between first Arshi and Shilpa and then Arshi and Luv. Time passed and the winning team could not come to a decision.

When Bigg Boss asked Arshi about their decision, Arshi said that they haven’t reached a decision. As a result, Bigg Boss gave the decision and cancelled the captaincy task. It was announced that will be no captain this week.

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