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Bigg Boss 11, Day 67 written updates: Shilpa’s mother enters house; Divya breaks up with Priyank

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Bigg Boss 11, Day 67 written updates: Shilpa’s mother enters house; Divya breaks up with Priyank


New Delhi: Bigg Boss 11 day 67 began with arguement between Arshi and Akash. Soon after that, Hiten announced the luxury budget task which would require all contestants to freeze (become a statue) whenever Bigg Boss commands. The contestants understood by this task that their family and friends were about to enter the house!

Puneesh Sharma’s dad came and the contestants were asked to get into statue positions. As soon as Puneesh was asked to move, he hugged his dad tightly and went through an emotional breakdown. 

Arshi Khan’s father entered the house which made the former emotional. He told Arshi to change her hairstyle and also asked her to call Salman Khan as ‘Salman Sahab or Salman Sir’.

When her father left, Arshi accused Shilpa of looking at her father as if he were her enemy. The entire house, including Hina tried convincing Arshi that this must not have happened but the latter refused to listen. 

Then, Shilpa’s mom entered. She said she was proud that Shilpa was being called ‘Maa’. Shilpa’s mother also said that the contestants must not hurl abuses at each other or fight. Shilpa’s mother’s entry made almost every contestant teary eyed. 

Divya Agarwal, Priyank’s girlfriend (or Ex) entered the house. She started off with ‘Remember Me’  but ended up crying in front of him and saying that he has hurt a lot of girls including her. She also told him about her decision of parting ways with him. The ex- Splitsvilla contestant cried and said that everything was going well. Priyank was still in statue position and could not move since he wasn’t allowed to. Tears fell from his eyes and Divya continued wiping them as she spoke. Priyank was ordered to move from his statue position but Divya had already left by the time he came to the garden area. An emotional Priyank kept calling out for his (Ex) girlfriend. 

Soon after Divya left, Vikas said that this was all fake and that Priyank is creating an emotional drama. 

When Hina asked Priyank about his girlfriend, the latter made a rather shocking revelation. He said that Divya and he had broken up even before he entered the show!

Well, that does come as a shock and makes it hard to decide exactly who broke up with whom.

Luv said that if Priyank wasn’t guilty, he should have spoken and asked Divya what she was talking about.

Stay tuned for regular Bigg Boss updates!

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