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Bigg Boss 11, day 65 written updates: House converted into a day care centre

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Bigg Boss 11, day 65 written updates: House converted into a day care centre


New Delhi: Bigg Boss 11 day 65 began with the housemates dancing to ‘Chota bacha samajh ke’  which was a clue to the task that the housemates performed today for captaincy. 

In the captaincy task ‘BB Day care’, the garden area of the house was converted into a daycare centre. Each contestant got a doll which was named after another housemate. The contestants in charge of the dolls had to babysit. Each doll was in a pram.

In addition to taking care of the doll, once the buzzer (which was the sound of a crying baby) rang, all contestants were required to park their pram in the limited parking spaces made in the garden. The contestant who failed to secure a parking space would be out of the race. 

The doll of the winning babysitter would become the captain of the house. 

As soon as the task began, the housemates got busy in deciding who they want as captain and how to make their favourtie contestant win. 

Shilpa Shinde’s doll was in charge of Arshi, who failed to park her pram thus knocking Shilpa out of the race. The hatred between the former best friends is growing each day.

After that, Hiten was out of the race as Akash didn’t park his pram.

Puneesh and Akash too were out of the captaincy race.

As the captain of the house, Vikas was asked to save a contestant. This choice is always difficult and Vikas too, struggled to make his selection. 

The day ended with Akash trying to patch-up Arshi and Shilpa and the latter refusing to do so.

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