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Bigg Boss 11, Day 43 written updates: Priyank Sharma gets his head shaved

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Bigg Boss 11, Day 43 written updates: Priyank Sharma gets his head shaved


New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 11, day 43 was the ultimate test of friendship with a very unique nominations process that was carried out.

A phone booth was placed in the Bigg Boss house and the moment the bell of the phone rang, Hina Khan went to the booth excitedly and picked up the phone.

The moment she did that, Bigg Boss told Hina that she has been nominated because she picked up the phone. However, she had a chance to save herself.

All Hina had to do was convince Luv to get a henna tattoo on his forehead that said ‘Zero’.

Hina told Luv the same and the latter agreed to do it in a minute. As a result, Hina was safe from nomination and the phone had to be passed on to Akash.

It was up to Hiten to save Akash from nominations by destroying his family picture that he received on Diwali as a gift. Hiten, without any hesitation, agreed and put the photograph in a shredder provided by Bigg Boss.

Perhaps the highlight of today’s episode was when Hiten picked up the phone. He had to ask Priyank to shave his head off completely! To everyone’s surprise, Priyank agreed to do so for his dear friend. Hina was the one who shaved Priyank’s head off while Shilpa and Arshi termed his act as “Dikhaava”.

Vikas was later seen talking to Benafsha that what Priyank did was absolutely unnecessary. Vikas said that Hiten would anyway not be evicted from the house, if Benafsha was the one who was sitting on the nomination chair, Priyank should have completed the task since Ben had chances of eviction.

When Vikas talked about the same issue in the garden area with other housemates, a war of words began between Vikas and Hina.

Next was Priyank, his task was to ask Benafsha to nominate herself for the next two weeks. Benafsha agreed despite of Priyank telling her not to do so. Vikas also tried to convince her but the latter didn’t listen.

Shilpa picked up the phone and was told that the duration of the task has ended for the day and she’ll be told her task tomorrow.

What do you think Shilpa’s task will be?

Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss updates!

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