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Bigg Boss 11, Day 26 written updates: Dhinchak Pooja composes her new song, Priyank enters the house

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Bigg Boss 11, Day 26 written updates: Dhinchak Pooja composes her new song, Priyank enters the house


New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 11 has been one of the most eventful season so far with all the fights and arguements in the house taking place right from day 1. In the first week itself, Priyank Sharma had to leave the show after he behaved violently inside the house. 

On day 26 of Bigg Boss season 11, Priyank entered the house again and which made everyone smile. Benafsha, Vikas and Hina had  absolutely priceless reactions. While Hina was extremely excited to see Priyank, Benafsha and Vikas had tears of joy in their eyes.

Arshi, Akash and Pooja got out of the Kal Kothri after Bigg Boss announced that the trio’s punishment had ended. 

We all know that Dhinchak Pooja was asked to compose a song based on all the housemates. On day 26, Pooja was asked to prepare a video of her song as well. Pooja would direct the song and would shoot the video with whoever she wanted. 

It was indeed entertaining to see Pooja sing and compose her new song in the house. The lyrics took a dig at all housemates which made some of the contestants complain.  The song explained the behaviour of each contestant in the house and even though initially the lyrics mocked a few contestants, Pooja modified the lyrics according to the contestant’s choice.

Sapna was offended by the lines written about her and refused to be a part of the video. When Hina convinced her and the lyrics were changed, she agreed to join. However, as soon as she entered the room where the video was being shot, she indulged in a war of words with Akash over the lyrics of the song. The housemates helped in calming Sapna but it didn’t last long. After Akash, Arshi was on Sapna’s radar. 

A heated arguement was witnessed between Sapna and Arshi when the former made a personal comment about the latter on the show. Arshi was later seen in tears over Sapna’s personal remarks. 

Priyank told Bandgi that Puneesh had a child. Bandgi then asked Puneesh if what Priyank said was true but he refused and called Priyank a liar.

The day ended with all contestants gathering in the living area and watching Dhinchak Pooja’s brand new song. The song received mixed reactions from the housemates. Akash, Arshi and Shilpa praised Pooja’s talent while Hina, Vikas and Bandgi criticised the young YouTuber. 

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