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Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers


Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers


Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers : Your search for the GRE book for your GRE test preparation has now come to an end, here is a list of top five GRE preparation book which will train you and improve your skills to score good marks for the same.

  1. The Official GRE Super Power Pack : This super power pack for the GRE preparation consists of a bundle of three books which assist you in a very user friendly manner for the GRE preparation. Where two books are for GRE test practice containing authentic questions for GRE test practice for quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning, while the one book is The Official Guide to the GRE preparation. The book contains a plethora of the detailed information about the test and various information given by the actual test givers and also by the experts for the test preparation. The book is an appropriate platform to practice well for the test while also going through the answers to the test . It is best to tram this book with some other GRE preparation supplement for better understanding and guidance for the test.
  2. Manhattan Prep. Set Of 8 Strategy Guides fourth edition: This book will prove to be a master for the best preparation for those will start practicing right from the start with appropriate time period for the preparation. The book setcontains a plethora of information’s and guidance for the test in details in each section of the paper. It is a set of eight books where each book covers the different main sections of the GRE test email paper. While this is the revised fourthversion this book set is now contained with more comprehensive and detailed test information and study material. Each book cover a separate section like –
  • Fractions, decimals and percentage
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Number Properties
  • Word problems
  • Reading Comprehension & Essays
  • Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence
  • Quantitative Comparisons and Data Interpretation.

Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers : The books contains vast and thorough knowledge about each of the discussed part and is absolutely perfect for those who dedicate quite much time for the test, while for the last minute individuals it is definitely not recommended for you.

  1. Cracking the GRE Premium Edition 2016: The book Cracking the GRE Premium Edition 2016provides the readers a comprehensive and general knowledge about the test. The book contains important general interactions and information about the various aspects of the test. You get to learn all the lessons and different sections of the test withindividual detailed explanations regarding various problems and sections. The tips and strategies rendered by the book are quite helpful for the students who are up for the GRE test. You also get to access and go through the online tutorial through the book which gives you a detailed discussion about the study material and useful knowledge about the GRE preparation . The online video renders useful advices for the test also contains two test papers with answers and explanation to each and every answer with the solution to thedifficulties the students face usually.Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers

Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers : The book is well compiled with particularly good detailing and explanations for the verbal section . However the math section solutions are bit too simplified which may be difficult for some students to understand who require a detailed solution. But the quality and the understandability of the book puts it in the list of top five GRE books.

  1. Kaplan GRE Complete 2016 : The name of the book itself clears it, the book is a full fledged complete guide to the GRE preparation . The collection is a set of three books which are Kaplan’s best GRE books, namely, GRE Math Workbook, GRE Premier and GRE Verbal workbook. The books are a bundle of thousands of questions for the practice of GRE tests. As well as you get to access the online linkwhich altogether contains customizable question bank with thousands of questions, online tutorials about the study plan as well as five GRE sampletest papers for stimulating and enhancing the potential to score good in real exam. Also, in addition to all this the set also contains a DVD, which renders advices and tips especially for the graduates who are going to give the test.Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers
  2. Barron’s GRE : Barron’s GRE is the new and revised version of the book which guides and prepares you towards each section of the GRE test , that is, verbal analytical and quantitative. The book guides you for the GRE preparation as well as offers two model sample tests to increase your skill and prepare you for the actual test. The book also gives you access to the official Barron’s GRE preparation link where you practice through various question papers and quizzes, also getting the online tutorial for the same. The book is best to test your skills and analyse your preparation for the GRE tests.Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers

So, choose well, prepare well, all the best!.Best GRE Books 2016-17 Amazon Best Sellers


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