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How Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Earned 1000 Crores


How Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Earned 1000 Crores


Baahubali Collected 1000 Crores Becuase Of following Reasons.

  • No one saying about Ticket price, Baahubali Earned 1000 Crores because only Ticket price is doubled everywhere. So if we doubled PK ticket rate then it may have earned 2000 crores easily.
  • Released in More number of theaters.
  • And one more key factor is Publicity.

Ticket Price Doubled for Baahubali 2 VS PK

The main reason behind 1000 crores collection is ticket price is doubled. But everyone blindly saying that this is movie Great Movie that’s Why This movie broke all movie records but truth is an increase in ticket price.

Normal Ticket Price is 100,70,30 INR But for baahubali, all ticket rates are doubled. For Aamir khan, Pk ticket price was normal but not doubled.

No of theaters for baahubali VS PK

This is the sequel, bigger and grander, and will see the widest ever release for an Indian film, when it hits 9,000 screens worldwide — 1,100 of them in the US itself — on April 28.

Of the 9,000 screens it hits, about 6,500 would be in India, according to reports.

That makes Baahubali a bigger release than all Bollywood films. The widest releases typically go to the Khans of Bollywood who capture 4,000-5,000 screens with every film. So pk released in 4,000-5,000 screens.

Baahubali is also the most expensive ($40 million) Indian film production till date but might lose that status to another ‘epic’ next year. It is also the highest-grossing Indian film (over $100 million) of all time if we put together the collections of all its dubbed versions.

Publicity in Media and social media

Baahubali got good publicity due to hit of baahubali 1. So because of that reason this time so many people concentrated on this movie. So almost everyone tried to watch it on the 1st day of release. And one more reason is they got permission from the government in Andhra and Telangana for 6 shows a day.


In my view, PK is great movie while watching PK I felt everything is new in the film.  The concept is new and screenplay everything is fresh. But coming to bb1 and bb2 both are not have fresh look. While watching baahubali 1 and 2 I felt that I already saw this scene somewhere, While watching bb1 fight sequence it is almost same as Hercules. if it may be crossed PK DANGAL Sultan Collections but it is not a good film as Those movies.


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