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    I  SHAIK SARKAR ALI am privileged to present my bio-data for your kind consideration

    I was Born In chilakaluripeta, Guntur Dist, AP On 4th August 1993, as son of Mr. SHAIK SHABBIR ALI AND Ms.SHAIK ASIYA

    My Education Life

    I did my schooling in govt School up to 10th Class in Telugu Medium.I was fortunate to get a pretty high score in the 10th class 546/600. That  91% was the second highest in that school.Afterward, I did the plus 2 in Sri Chaitanya. Here also I was fortunate to get a reasonably high score of  With 91% Again, that is 915 out of 1000 marks.And finally, I completed my B.Tech In NRI Visadala which is my turning point in my career.


    My initial exposure to marketing was a scam site. In this multi-level marketing initial investment of Rs.250. The Ponzi scheme or money chain scheme are the other name for this kind of MLM. IO was forced to bring in minimum ten investors and them in turn ten people each.that was in 2014.

    The only benefit I got out of this was an idea to start an MLM set up myself. I roped two of my friends to this start –up. But that venture flopped without taking off.

    But there was a silver streak to these tow failures. I got inspiration and urge to start blogging. Th blogging in WordPress sounds the right one; I asked my friends to join me. One flatly refused because of our earlier failure. But the second was willing to join me.

    That is the birth of the blogging site Within two months things started looking bright. We got sponsored review, and money started flowing in, even though ticklishly.  At that junction, my friend who refused to join earlier wanted to be roped in.

    Slowly the ‘Failure guy became a Success guy’. It took eight long months for me to earn the first real payment. I have joined after my BTech in an SEO course and even worked for three months.


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