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11 Practical Ways To Save Money -USA students


11 Practical Ways To Save Money -USA students

11 Practical Ways To Save Money -USA students: Coming to a new country and settling down there is a hectic job. First of all the people over there doesn’t to the things you do, r they do it in a different manner. We found about that place by exploring it and it is always helpful to have a little knowledge about the place, especially when talking about saving money. Following are the 10 ways to Save your money in USA.

1.Discount gift cards-Practical Ways To Save Money


One can get a hold of gift cards of discount cards from a no. of shops like on ‘Raise’,’Card pool’. I prefer going shopping from mobile application named RAISE. The saving can be as high as 30% to 50% especially in restaurants and clothing retailers. One can get a $220 JCPenny card for $180, a $150 Burlington coat factory, $115 for Adidas and many others. If you are a brand loving person, you can get good brand products at nice bargain. Imagine, you can get 100$ worth of clothes just for about 20$ only with gift cards. These sites offer payment service of a money-back guarantee as well, which will secure your back while online shopping.

2.Coupon codes-Practical Ways To Save Money

It is always recommended that you shop during a sale period but if you are shopping either online or in-store, and also never by mistake forgot to check the codes, and the proceed for checking out. The best option is Retail Me Not.

3.Online rebates/cashback-Practical Ways To Save Money

If one is an avid online shopper, he should be shopping from the EBATES and can avail a discount from 2%-10%. Not only this, you can get rebate on travel deals as well.

4. Grocery cashback-Practical Ways To Save Money

Yes, Ibotta, and other companies like it gives you cashback for a purchase of certain amount of groceries.

5] Store credit cards: – Talking about JCpenny and Gap,etc., they all give their regular customers a gift card or discounts, so shop more often from a certain store and consider getting it. For Target shoppers (even for grocery), there is a Target red card which offers 5% off on every transaction.

6] Reward/Loyalty cards:

Stores including WalGreens, Bestbuy, etc., have loyalty card to their frequent customer which allows some points to you, you get points which are by far can be transmuted to cash. Also, for stores like Walgreens & CVS opening an account which is linked to your store card can be helpful for clip coupons online and redeem at checkout. The K-MART store has their another program SHOP YOUR WAYS REWARD program by which the company gives away gifts and cash to help their customer shop from them.

7] Gas cards: from-

All of the people drive a car or motorcycle it is necessary need nowadays. Though Sam’s and Costco gas stations have gas at the lower price, one can use loyalty cards for Shell; Mobil is a some brands or any of the other as well if you use one of these gas stations. I think as per my point of view the Publix card is the best option, as you get for a 40$ a 50$ card if you satPublix and have a bill of $50 or more in groceries (even diapers, bakery).

8] Baby clubs :

If you are expecting a baby or have a baby at home, consider joining free baby clubs at Publix, Target, Amazon, Winn-Dixie, Enfamil, Babies’ R Us and much more, they not only send you high-quality samples, parenting books but provide coupons too. Imagine I have a little one going to be three years in few months but I still get monthly coupons that include savings on bread/chips. Amazon MOM is the best way to save big on diapers and wipes. There is also a free 30-day trial available.

9] Online Prints and Newspaper Gift coupons-

‘coupons.com’, ‘smartsource.com’ and ‘pgeverday.com’ etc. are some links that can get you grocery with some discounts. Sometimes, you can get a dollar off coupons in the newspaper or in mail store ads too. Shops like Wholefoods, Publix, WalGreens have their coupons try getting that. Check back your store’s website and their coupon policy. Also, always check weekly ads of the shop you are buying from. You can’t be a maniac for a coupon at all time, but viewing ads and planning accordingly is a must.

10] Local/ Travel deals:11 practical ways to save money USA students

Need a spa, haircut, go for bowling or local sunset cruise, ‘Groupon’ or ‘LivingSocial’ will take care. Retail Me not is the best option to take a discount code for hotel booking. Whereas Goseek & Dunhill Travels give other sorts of travel deals. HotWire Hot Hotels or the Priceline Hotels, these are unnamed branded hotels that you can have a good deal according to the star rating and guest score and don’t forget ‘ebates.’

11.Compare prices- 11 practical ways to save money USA students

Whether you are buying travel insurance, car insurance or transferring money, do compare prices online. There are plenty of sites to do so, just ask Google uncle ;). For deals on specific product try ‘Deal Squad’, just add your product link and their agents will do all hard work for you for free and tell you the best deal. One more thing is ‘Price match policy’ at major retailers like Walmart, Target, Best buy, Home Depot etc. Whether in-store or online, if you find an item for lower price on other store than the store you are buying at, contact customer service and show them the other store ad, you will get your item at lower price. Walmart has another feature ‘Savings catcher’ on Walmart application where you scan your receipts and application compare Walmart prices with other retailers so if you bought something at higher price than the other retailer, Walmart will refund your money.


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